Thursday, December 16

wishing for snow and a thank you

I have been craving the snow, i wanted it to fall after the coop was finished and now i just want it to fall. i am from canada and even though i have been here in the united states for a long time now i do not think i will ever get used a christmas without snow. as if all the christmas colours were made to contrast the snow white and without it i am a tad confused and behind in the holiday spirit. I promise myself that this weekend i will work really hard to make this home one that is worthy of celebration and family.

I would also like to thank you dear readers for all the beautiful comments you guys made me blush times  a million, i am still unclear why i did that but i know i desperately want to feel those things you so kindly bestowed on me. I also would like to thank you for the comments left about the duck i wish i had named it, i wished for all of things to have been a little different.

so let's start( okay perhaps you all have started) but i am ready to open the holidays by decorating, baking and making but first feed the horses and early dentist appointment for a broken tooth( i know crazy, i am a teeth clencher of the worse kind).


Sarah said...

We are due more snow this wekend and I am excited. I love it! You are right about the colours of Christmas and snow! Hope your tooth gets fixed.

Linda said...

What beautiful snow pictures! I'm with you on starting to open the holidays. Been late myself in getting to that point. Lets go for the gusto together. Although being a Cali girl I'm OK with sun and palm trees for Christmas.

Bee Tea said...

I love your snow pictures!

I live in Canada and I agree that memories of my Christmas holidays wouldn't be the same without jumping from the deck into waist deep snow and spending hours shoveling the driveway in a blizzard.


Lana said...

I just have to say that I instantly fell in love with your photographs, from the moment I saw them! I am really looking forward to see more of them! Merry Christmas!

céline HWANG said...

I am a cup maker from Taiwan....the weather here is~~~~cold~~~but no snow ><, May I post some of your snow pictures on my blog---
because they are just too beautiful!
Please enjoy my blog and wish you have a very very nice new 2011

Waiting for your answer, Thank you so much!!!