Monday, September 13

a happy accident photo!

Just a quick bonjour! hope your weekend was a good one.

all swap info has been sent so check your inbox!( 24 swappers)

a bientot!

*happy accident photos are the one's i can not explain, basically whne my camera has a mind of it's own!


Tiaz said...

gorgeous picture. :)
my weekend was fab even thou im under the weather. :D

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Aga said...

Amazing blog! Greetings from Poland!

Caroline said...

I love photos like that!!! Hugs!

lorilaire said...

Je viens du blog prenons le temps qui te mets à l'honneur, ce qui est mérité, j'adore tes photos, elles sont originales Bravo !

My Owl Barn said...

This is a beautiful accident :)

Unknown said...

Love when that happens.
This is beautiful.