Saturday, September 11

A hello and SWAP info!

Wanted to let you know that the join the autumn swap will end Today- saturday at midnight! I am so excited and that is because i love our swappees!!, many are new to me and from such wonderful parts of the world!
So if you have joined make sure you emailed me with your mailing address and blog or web address and I will, by monday evening send you all the information including your swappee( gosh i am hoping that is how we spell it).

I have listed who joined so far if you joined and do not see your name on the list, please email again with info!

PS. do you mind if i join, I will know who has me( even it is random, but the recipient will not know? I do not mind if i should not be included!

ann marie
cindy*( need address)
Amy K(need address)
Gilding lilies


Amber Sellers said...

You should TOTALLY join! I think it would be fun to have you included! :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Of course you should join...what fun!

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Of course you should join! It is your swap after all.

Johanna said...

is it too late to join? I just read about you swap! I'm going to email you and I hope it's not too late!

sk said...

You should definitely join!

I can't wait, thanks for setting this up!

Gilding Lilies said...

Of course, I thought that was a given. I hope I get to swap with you! I will email you my address, thanks.

jenna said...

Just sent you my info - thanks for coordinating this! And yes, of course you should join!

christina said...

oh yes! join join! and it will be all the more fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't see my name on the list. Mine was the second comment on the swap post. I hope it was just a typo. :_(

I sent an email with my info--please let me know if you didn't receive it.

You should most definitely participate!

Anonymous said...

Oh, never mind--I checked the list again and there I am! :-) So sorry!

Gigi Thibodeau said...

How wonderful that you are doing this! I'm sad I missed the sign-up, but what a lovely idea, and your photos are, as always, just beautiful.

LMT said...

Yes, join.

Marina said...

So much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I'm very excited!