Sunday, December 2


this morning the alarm went off upstairs as i was already walking about downstairs. the kettle whistled as the sun began to pierce through the sky, fog and warm air crept up the hill. there would be a morning ride through the green mountains, a ritual for the soul that seeks to see more.  wet thick snow
quickly melting, fog so solid that slowing down is a must.  I looked out at all this,  more than everything else it was the evergreens that held my attention. i love them most of all against winter's backdrop,  as i say this the smell that comes from camping underneath them on hot summer day is equally pleasant to remember.

 Yesterday was one of those days that you stay in your wool socks and comfy clothes, that you listen to only things that make you feel safe and talk about only kind things, or maybe hardly talk at all. yesterday tears fell randomly all through out the day but more like burst of sun showers than ones that stem from sad things, i am happy, i am dizzy, i am learning and i am so grateful for your kind comments and emails. i made it through the beautiful mountain landscape that i call home, i sat in a cafe and sipped  a beautiful prepared mocha and played the best chess game ever. then i drove back towards the hill as the sky, the delicate sun and fog made the whole journey feel as if i was looking through rose coloured glasses,  the truth is i often do even on those dark days.


Sweet Life Farm said...

Evergreen. The word brings so much which is good to mind. Such grace they carry. I marvel at them daily. I visited Hawaii a few years back, my dad asked if I wanted to move there. I said I could not be away from my beloved evergreens, so dear to my heart.

I’ve had one of those days today. Reading your words soothed; I was hoping to find a new post from you just before quieting the house for sleep. Comfort and beauty for the soul. Sweet dreams.

Lucent Imagery said...

Gosh, I just adore your words & images. Every time I visit I am filled with calm. As my vision continues to deterioriate I find myself drawn to foggy images as sunlight can hurt my eyes. There is truly so much beauty in these foggy captures. And your words, that share so much of your heart but at the same time maintain your privacy - I love them.