Friday, March 18

where am i:)

Oh dear, it must seem like i have abandoned my post here. Please know i think of you and what you might be up to. It has been very busy here, heavy too but also good. I am going to share some of it  if you do  not mind.

there was k surgery(not fun)
k  recovery is good, and i got to spend the whole week with him.
there was sam my brother's terrible cold and driving to his  loft to make him apple sauce from scratch just like our  grandma used to make him
there was my  week long cold, fever and all( i  never get sick)
there was some bad news 
there was some good news that  is making a dreams come true
there was hanging with sheila and baby rowen and roger too
there was a day spent with catherine in connecticut, shopping for seeds at Comstock & ferrel and visiting historical places
there was spending the day at a storage unit, and donating so many things
there was finding treasure i forgot and seeing antiques i have missed
there was k taking my breath away- he is hot!
there was people from the past saying nice things
there was saying good bye to tess and hello to jane
there is a friend who published her book( bravo)
there was friends who share peeks into there projects
there was chasing ducks
muddy dogs
there was  my mum gifts of gleena pottery
there is chapped hands and lips
healthy animals
messy house
lots of eggs
foggy drive
prayer for japan
sunny days.

*back soon
pics from my day in ct. and my daily dirt road drive.


Jane Flanagan said...

Gorgeous post! I'm happy to hear you sounding so well! Have a great weekend.

Rochelle said...

Your blog is so beautiful.... I have taken to checking in on it becasue the pictures inspire me in my own endevours. Thanks for that!

Rochelle said...

Your photos are so beautiful.... I have taken to checking in on them in an effort to be inspired in my own photo taking. Thanks so much!

Ann Marie said...

oh my! hope you and k recover well from your illness and surgery. you've had a lot on your plate! sending my heart and prayers your way.

lovely, lovely photos.

Natasha said...

It sounds like there are a lot of wonderful things going on in your life which is wonderful to hear :) I've said it before but your photos are like photography poetry, dreamy and intense, I love it.
Natasha xx

Char said...

lovely shots and i'm always glad for good news. hope everyone is now on the mend.

Liane said...

Beautifl poetic list. And that last photo is a heartbreaker.

coco said...

I love your photos.

Where were you on these photos? Texas?

onesilentwinter said...

Hi coco,

this were taken both in RI & CT

Sara said...

nadia, you have been uber busy! glad you're better and k is on the mend... sending happy thoughts your way:)