Monday, November 15

when autumn delivers

the weather has been lovely. strolling through the pasture in the fall and finding flowers that have gone to seed is one my favorite things to observe. just like i enjoy discovering at the end of winter days as it slowly introduces us to spring the first peeks of green that make there way up pass the fallen leaves and wet grass . I think i love the browns, beiges and creams, the dark greys of this season the best, all these colors remind me of andrew wyeth and his paintings of  the in between seasons. sometimes when driving through vermont or maine i can sware i am in one of his paintings. although the photographs i have posted here are nothing like his paintings, i do hope to take some as i have done in the past of what he might have been looking at.

in the photograph of the chicken on the wicker chair with pillow that is Autumn she is named for her beautiful coloring and her quiet nature just like the season. Autumn like's to lay her eggs right by my front door on teh chair and tuck them under the pillow, lets just say she home delivers! Then there is Caramel who is on the post, we believed he was a female and quickly started to wake up to his four am calls,  caramel also named for his colouring is still confused at what gender he is, for he is in love with Liev are only other rooster( just so you know Liev himself is confused so i think the match is perfect.) and then there is this chicken with it's beautiful greens, blacks and golds he is yet to be named for he is not mine but seems to have decided he wants to be.


Caroline said...

These photos are lovely!! And soothing! xo

S. Etole said...

That photo of Caramel is striking ... all the images say "autumn" so well.

Hawk and Weasel said...

Having a chicken named autumn is like, superpoetic. She's a beauty.

limonana said...

So calming to see these beautiful photos...totally encapsulates the spirit of Autumn! lovely!

Christina said...

autumn has arrived and brought with her such beauty.

such magic here.