Tuesday, November 16

what i look like these days in things & what i have seen

my mum gifted me this gorgeous bag for my birthday, i bought these clogs to lift my spirits with a gift certificate recieved by a dear friend and now i am 5'10" tall! I have been knitting it is calming, i made my first fingerless mittens and now i am starting something new. I am again in love with wool and alpaca socks( just think until last year i had never wore socks in the winter time or ever. Of course my mocha in hans, a pearl ring k. gave me a few years back, a ring my mum gave me on our autumn getaway and a necklace that deb from bon bon  surprised me with on the day i finally got to meet her. Oh and the silhouette that a very talented artist at the broolyn flea made for me.

movies i have seen in the last month or so
I am love( too early to talk about it, need to process but the use of music(instruments) to set the mood was incredible)
Jude( one of the most heart wrenching seens ever  seen is in this film- love the greys)
sweet land ( love the scenery, the relationship and she was endearing)
ondine( i used to think i would be a wife to fisherman, love the greys and life by the sea)
the city of your final destination( i loved it, loved the role of arden( my make believe baby name for sure) her sweetness and her clothing, the property is a dream)
morning glory( we went to see it in a packed movie theatre, laughed a lot. McAdams looked fantastic it was good. i found myself weeping in the car way home for how driven i used to be)


Sara said...

i am embracing winter this year and find beauty in it everyday... last night the wind was howling and today it is pouring down big flakes of snow... your pictures make me want to put on some cozy socks, get a yummy drink and watch a movie by the fire... love it! p.s. paris is posted;)

Ann Marie said...

i love all the colors in these photos. i too bought myself some new wooden clogs...and i'm knitting while scanning photos and stopping by to visit you.
wishing we were neighbors.

spread your wings said...

i like this post. the warm browns make me feel cozy and want to watch some of those movies on your list
i love that bag you mom gave you.
all this is a nice picture of you.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Thanks for the list of movies, Natalie...I've been dying to watch a good story with beautiful scenery.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

what a wonderful day to come here for a visit. Glad you're treating yourself well and thanks for the movie reviews! I am going to watch all those movies and I love the photos--the bonbon look so beautiful through your lens...xoxoxo,

Fashion Cappuccino said...

It's such a lovely bag!! Luck you!! xoxoxoxo

limonana said...

gorgeous colours...love the fab new clogs! & the bag your mama gave you is darling...:o)

Sabina said...

Beautiful photos and thanks for the movie reviews.


Jane Flanagan said...

What a gorgeous gift!!

Christina said...

such lovely gifts. ...and so very beautiful you look.

Random Elephant said...

should I say happy belated birthday? :)
PS your and your mom have very good taste!!! ;)