Friday, February 1

i love the hill.

i want to tell you how much i love the hill, i know that is not a surprise to you since almost every post is dedicated to my love for it.  today i looked at the trees through moments of clouds, sunshine, and snow and thick fog they made me feel safe and loved. i lay on the floor with sophie and grace and we stared out the big window unto the hills. i wrote emails with the warmth of the fire and gathered eggs from the hens, i threw hay to the horses and watched them run and play, I am lucky. i spoke to my dear friend, till we both cried happy that our ships did not sail seperate ways but side by side. I listen on the phone as k used words of wisdom to calm me down, to remind me who i am and who i should be proud of, i always seem to forget.

i love the hill, love who i am here and love that no matter where i go i remember where i come from.


Anonymous said...

You don't even need to say a word, your love for the hill is apparent in every photo you show you capture the most beautiful parts of it.

I am so happy for you that you have the hill and that you love the person it has made you. That is a true treasure. K sounds like a treasure as well.

xo Sarah

Preeti Dubey said...

Nice pictures, it's always wonderful to read the words yo write and feel from your heart!
And yes lucky you to have wonderful people around.

Sweet Life Farm said...

I so love this post. The hill loves you too. You suit her.

lucent imagery said...

No need to hide your love of the hill. I adore your hill too, and the fog! I find myself so deeply in love with certain trees, parks and areas of my city and country and holiday destinations. It is heart breaking when those places suffer damage due to people or nature.

dervla @ The Curator said...

You clearly love where you live so much that it hurts. I feel the same way about where I am.