Thursday, February 7

Announcing a new Food & Lifestyle Photography worshop in....

I am really excited to announce that Aran Goyoaga and I will be teaming up for a food and lifestyle photography workshop in Aran’s homeland, Basque Country. 

This has been a long time in the planning and i honestly can not wait to be in the breathtaking landscape that Aran has so beautifully shared with us so often on her blog through her stunning photographs. I have listened to Aran as she recounted stories from her childhood and her travels back home and knew that i must visit this beautiful part of the world one day. What better way to do so than to invite you to come along and join us for this special workshop.

We will be staying at the Astei estate surrounded by forests and the Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai. In this 5-day workshop, we will explore the natural surroundings and farms, while learning about food styling and photography. We will visit visit local organic growers and artisans, prepare a sundown dinner on the beach, a tour of the best pintxo (tapas) bars in the area, and a visit to San Sebastian and the French Basque Countryside.

Please visit Aran's post about our workshop, it provides more details told in
such a lovely way.

Registration will open on Thursday, February 21st at 9 am eastern time at the Food & Lifestyle Photography Shop.

When: September 5-10, 2013

WhereAstei, Ea, Basque Country (about 45 km/25 miles outside of Bilbao, which is closest airport)
How much: Fee is $2,550 (single occupancy) and includes:

  • 5 nights at Astei where the students will get to stay in different houses within this magnificent country estate. Single occupancy rooms.
  • 3 days of technical and practical instruction with on-location shoots.
  • 1 full day of sightseeing to and back to the French Basque Country.
  • 5 breakfasts. Each house has a fully stocked and equipped kitchen. We will stock the pantry with breakfast items for your convenience.
  • 4 lunches.
  • 4 dinners including a tasting event of some of the best local wines.
  • Reception cocktails and appetizers on the evening of the 5th.
  • Transportation to our workshop activities (it does not include airfare).
  • Snack and refreshments during workshop hours.

  • Deposit: $1275 for registration to be confirmed. Final Payment of $1275 due May 15, 2013.
    There will be no refunds for this workshop – please know you can make it before your registration.
    The workshop is limited to 9 people.
    Please note that the last two students to register will have single occupancy rooms, but will have to share a bathroom in this completely remodeled farmhouse.

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    * all images above taken by Aran Goyoaga


    cindy* said...

    amazing, Nadia! sounds like a dream, I so wish I could make it happen!

    corine said...

    omg Nadia! Drooool....

    Sweet Life Farm said...

    OH! Wow to be a part of this. The photos make me long to immerse myself in Aran's homeland and her amazing sense of lovely it is dreamlike.

    Dawn said...

    When does the workshop take place?
    Looks amazing!

    onesilentwinter said...

    Hi Dawn,

    When: September 5-10, 2013

    Juliana said...

    This will surely be a wonderful trip. I've been wanting to visit the Basque country ever since I saw Aran's first post about her home country.

    Gilina said...

    great photos!

    Zuzana Konecna said...

    Very beautiful photos!!