Wednesday, February 13

nesting time

Dear friends, i hope you are well and that february is being kind to you. My camera is fixed and i hope that i can begin posting regularly, the last few month have been iphone photographs and i am grateful to have been able to capture  what has been going on this winter on the hill with it, but i am glad once again to hold something that requires a little more thinking. I have spent the last few weeks at home, nesting with animals and as they say finding my center.

I am happy though to be going to montreal for a few days to spend with family & friends, we will celebrate christmas and new years on saturday since during the holidays everyone was under the weather. Sunday will be just my immediate family and we will make all our favorite foods and hang out and no doubt reminisce on times past. I have a need for family time, there will also be good coffee drinking and if i am lucky i hope to find a canele or two.

wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, hope to take some photographs to share with you soon.

a bientot,



Anonymous said...

I have missed you and your beautiful posts but I'm glad the time away was peaceful and restful enough to regroup.

Enjoy your family ... I know you will have beautiful words and pictures to share when you return.

Lindsay Jewell said...

cozy :)

the wild magnolia said...

glad you have family and friends to retreat....and gather up some love and laughter.

i would be a mess without my camera.

Sweet Life Farm said...

Wishing for you a sweet time in MontrĂ©al; sounds comforting and lovely. Enjoy and treat yourself. Love the shade of gray in the yarn; I have a favored sweater just that color. Blessings and a warm heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Joyti said...

I check your site just about every day, hoping for a new post. Its a good day when I find one.
Enjoy your {belated} holiday festivities :)

Liesl said...

I love the richness and emotion of your photos.
Have a wonderful trip!

L macy qudsieh said...

hey, Nadia i love the pictures...... & bullet is adorable like that upside down! & that scone ( i think thats a scone ) it looks so yummy! i miss you..... cya soon pictures, pictures, pictures, just keep posting pictures..... :)

L macy qudsieh said...


David @ Frenchie and the Yankee said...

Those nesting photos are priceless.
Welcome back with your camera! Have fun in Montréal!

Ashley Moore said...

Hurray for a fixed camera! That photo of your kitty is just priceless!