Monday, December 31

the next sunrise

i am looking back at the last twelve months, that is what we do at the very end of december. I am glancing over some things that have become less opaque as months have gone by. i live my life believing that there is one beginning and one end, being born and dying and what is in between those two things is as vast and complexe, beautiful, scary and breathtaking as earth itself.

There is always a temptation to press the reset, when the calendar changes to 01-01 but i have this other belief that everyday that the sunrises is the possibility of a new beginning. I did that many times this year and there has never been a year that i learned so much about myself, human nature, the failure of the gut, the re emerging of a gut, the heartbreak of loss and the joys of new discoveries. I am richer today, my soul uncluttered by things that weighed so much and had no value. I worked hard to stud my next twelve months with things i can count on, with substance and value but it those things i can not see that keeps me moving forward, it is believing that all is possible.

This last day of december was the most poignant, it brought me to the door of one of the biggest possible human experiences and in a short few days, i will leap and if i fail i will wait for the sun to rise again, tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've worked hard at finding a peace within yourself and life. I worked hard at that too but still have such a long way to go...I'm looking forward to the sun rising tomorrow and continuing that search.
I can't wait to hear what the last day of december held for you. Leap high and far...there will always be another tomorrow.
All the best to you ... every day.

Sarah xo

Anonymous said...

I hope your leap takes you far. Happy New Year wonderful lady.

Sharon de Jager said...

None of us know what the future holds. Thankgoodness we don't. Wishing you a year of truth, of adventure, good health and the clarity to see yourself as others see you, a very special person.

Juliana said...

May you leap and fly. Wishing you all the best for 2013!

KAM said...

May your year continue that leap of faith....the expansive traveling to discover and enlighten. Thank you for sharing the pieces of this journey of yours with us, your readers and blog followers. The is an amazing honest, free experience of life when we are willing to take leap after leap of faith.

tj said...

...Your photos, breathtaking.

...Everyone has their battles, their weaknesses. You share yours and yet manage to inspire and implant hope into those of us that visit you. Thank you.

...My wish for you is a new day, every day, filled with love, laughter, passion, joy, strength, prosperity and wellness. :o)

...Blessings to you.

David @ Frenchie and the Yankee said...

Bonne Année Nadia ! All my best wishes for the New Year. Here's to 2013 with more posts and more beautiful photos!

Sweet Life Farm said...

Breathtakingly beautiful, Nadia, your photos, words and triumphs of the year. The next sunrise, such a wise view to remain centered in our life and what lies within our reach. To me, the last photo mirrors the solid ground and the possibility you speak of.

Mother Nature blessed you with snow; may your blessings continue to grow.

Ps. I love Tolstoy’s tiny ears!

dervla @ The Curator said...

every time you post horse photos I want to print them out and frame them ... simply gorgeous. I hope your leap brings your great joy and wisdom. Happy new year! happy new beginnings.