Thursday, November 22

the light in the house.

i imagine this is what is playing 
This morning i got up before the sunlight, i was going to chase the fog but i soon discovered that there was none,  i made my way out through the green mountains anyway. beautiful frost could be seen everywhere glistening like chards of glass, i captured it,  as i walked into the woods my fingers cold, frozen in fact i stood next to the lake as it to looked like deep blue glass stretched out to the hovering pine trees.

I drove some more,  the sun became so bright that it was almost blinding as i made it down and up the mountain and around sharp curves in hopes of getting  coffee at a town across the mountain, but everything closed on this holiday day.  i turned around and made my way back up the mountain, then i saw the house that i have coveted for so long,  a freshly for sale sign  hanging on it's fallen down fence. i had to stop, i had passed this house a hundred times or more saying one day i would walk around it and through it. I need it, nothing fills my spirit than a house with history. Oh dear friends, not only was the house magnificient but it had  a very large care takers house with such incredible light. I turned the knob and i was in, running from room to room, the light, oh the light my truest companion.

I am in love, that is often the case i know but this dear friends could be a future project, one that takes years but one that gives one purpose. I heard it say yesterday that one must work hard because that is the only chance we have to  reach the silver lining, I believe it to be true, for i am already living a dream here on the hill and i feel that way every single day, every time i look out the window, sit next to fire, feed the horses or feel the sunlight coming in.

happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

with kindness


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Nadia,
wonderful paintings by light. That highlights on the different surfaces... simply beautiful.

Thank you for that deep look at things, you make them pretty.

Happy Thanks Giving to you and yours.
x Ariane.

S. Etole said...

Your images always hold such story. Thanksgiving blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. It sounds like you had a day filled with mystery and so much beauty from the sky to the trees to this house. I can see why you covet it so. I can feel it's soul through these photos.
May there lots of quiet peace today on your hill. xo

Sweet Life Farm said...

These pictures, in tune with the music, bring up such exquisite stories in my mind of a rich life now placed on pause. A lovely accounting of your day, though I wished the coffee house had been open for you.

Thankful for you; the tenderness, inspiration, lovely images and thoughtfulness you share. xo

Anonymous said...

What a jolt to my 73 year old mind! That old house is from my childhood memories. It's the way people lived, with linoleum and wallpapered walls, not necessarily matching or blending, but only what could be afforded. Nobody knew what "interior decorating" was, they knew the walls and floors needed to be covered. Imagine the family who lived there, with all their hopes and dreams - probably just as frightened of the future as we are now, if we let ourselves think about what's happening in the world. Even so, I really want to go back there - it's all too complicated now.
Ruth from PA.

Jennifer Hammer said...

Such a beautiful floor.
I bet the house said "One of my people is here, again, at last."
Thanks for sharing your pictures & words.

JEMAS said...

We are buying a very old house to bring back some life to it, as a project, to stay busy, because we love old things & working....