Sunday, November 25


i decided i want to remember it the way it was when we were in it,  not how our over thinking minds and rationalization made them out to be. i guess what i am saying is that i do not feel the same but i am okay with not saying, me too anymore. i am putting away the armor now and i will greet you or him or them without it with the risk of being broken but also the possibility of being woken:)

*shots taken with iphone


Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to tear down the walls that shield you. The pleasure and possibilities of being woken far outweigh the risks of being broken. I think back to people and times and memories that I have lost and will never get back out of needless fear that I clunged on to for far too long. You already are surrounded by so much beauty . . . walls only serve to block letting it all in.
You enrich my life daily with your posts. I truly look forward to each one of them.
xo Sarah

Sweet Life Farm said...

Chillingly beautiful and timely. I honor your raw, pure and honest way; your words open my heart, my courageous friend. Tolstoy, this is one to be remembered.

Anonymous said...

Such a scary thing to put away (armor) but such a thrilling rush (possibility). I truly believe, being a sensitive soul myself, that every little break ends up making us better eventually. Reach for that act of living! xo

Milady Productions said...

beautiful, raw, real, inspired
lucky to find you today
thank you

dervla @ The Curator said...

wow, so glad i checked in with you today. that first image is chilling and warming all at once. Windswept beauty - I can feel the cold air and the heat radiating from that horse.

Yvette said...

Great pics that make me love life (even if).
I am following you from Barcelona. Thank you so much for all your writing and photographing.