Thursday, November 15

Covet Tiggy & Grace

there is someone in my life that continually brings me happiness, someone who profoundly changed my life for the better simply by being herself, my dear friend kimberly has the ability to eat the sun. She has incredible energy, spirit and grace and tomorrow she shares her incredible eye for beauty in her new online shop Tiggy & grace where simplicity, lovely and purposeful intersect. The name Tiggy & Grace is named after her great auntie Tiggy who Kimberly tells us was an amazingly graceful woman who was  inspirational in kimberly's young adult life. 

I am lucky to have a few pieces of the beautiful pottery that kimberly's husband hand makes, each piece is one of a kind, i only eat from them. each piece has beautiful weight to it, texture and colour, truly my favorite pieces here on the hill. Kimberly designed simple and lovely aprons and napkins, made of beautiful linen and sewn by her aunts, then there is the smoked apple salt smoked by a local orchard, i did not like salt till i was gifted this specific one, i absolutely love it with my daily popcorn.

Tiggy & grace opens tomorrow morning, quantities are limited so i would not wait to long.
Kimberly thank you for making the things i use everyday feel so very special.

you are inspirational my friend.

* all images were taken beautifully by kimberly.


kimberly said...

I love you.
but I do not believe you eat popcorn.
I just don't...

Sweet Life Farm said...

Your praise is as lovely and full of grace as the friend you bestow it on. What a lovely shop, must order the salt!

Anonymous said...

Wow, ordered a few things but most already gone. Hoping this was just to test the market, would love the opportunity to obtain more - and some linens next time. Thanks - keep us posted.