Sunday, February 5

when having no choice is a good thing

yesterday after a visit from the neighbour the sun began to set, i knew i had a long list of chores to do most important was filling the horses troth. I grabbed  the hose that was thawing inside and made my way down the stairs when my foot got caught, i fell and i fell hard, taring my clothes and knowing that this was a big. I allowed myself one minute to yell ouch( not exactly what i said) and another to cry. then knowing that i had so much to do and if i was to stop the pain would be unbearable. i continued with my chores pushing through the pain. when i was done i entered the house, put another log in the fire and proceeded to fall a sleep for a few minutes, those who read me regular;y know i never nap so i realized it was my bodies way to deal with the pain. Both my elbow and shoulder ached and my arm felt as if was hanging. i rested as best as i could, the night was a sleepless one. 

morning came i knew that i had damaged my arm pretty good, i researched on the net how to tell if an elbow was broken, making sure it was not, it was not broken. I found a sling in the first aid kit and proceeded( tying a knot with one hand is challenging) then put my muck boots minus a coat or sweater( impossible to lift arm), grabbed my wool hat and did my morning chores, the most satisfying thing was knowing i could do it, perhaps not perfectly but as you know perfect means  to finish in latin and that is what i did. is it okay to say i felt proud that i could do it.  then i grabbed my camera, another challenge but having worked on very long shoots before i knew how to give my right hand a break and took myself on a walk through the woods, it was beautiful the sun poked through branches as i explored. I am already feeling much better.

now i will bake bread for the week and make stuffed peppers for dinner , the house will surely smell delicious.

 my stuffed peppers recipe

short grain brown rice
red wehani rice
buhtaneses red,
red quinoa
dried bing cherries
olive oil
pink salt

i wing the amounts depending on how many peppers and size.
( you can use any kind of rice)
add some of the parsley and scallions. salt and thyme.
stuff peppers, drizzle oil. you can add some apple juice for more moisture( or broth)
i like to add fresh parley and scallions when i take it out of the oven and enjoy!

* k is way for super bowl weekend( for those who might wonder why he was not here)
* the most difficult thing to do with my left hand is wash my face, putt a log in the fire and typing  this post-but i am glad for the practice:)!


Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo said...

you are realy brave Nadia!hope you feel better and nothing is broken.kisses

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

oh goodness nadia... you made yourself a sling and all! i hope nothing is in fact broken and that it heals soon. and you made bread and stuffed peppers. you are amazing.

wishing that elbow a good recovery. xo

country girl said...

You're amazing!
Thank you for your good thoughts for Rafael. It was so nice of you to stop by.
Wishing you speedy healing!

Brigi said...

you see the beauty in all events, have a painless warm beautiful evening!

Sweet Life Farm said...

I have been there (but I didn’t bake bread or stuff peppers…) and my heart goes out to you. Somehow, as there is no choice, we manage as all our creatures depend on us. Today, there was finally no choice left for me…my beloved guardian Sugar was put down and is resting in the woods along the creek. Your photos are spectacular and enchanting. I take comfort in them and the reminder that life goes on in all her magical and heart-breaking beauty and seasons…. Here’s to healing.

Josephine said...

I hope your injury isn't serious, and you're feeling better soon. I'm like you, I just power through the pain. But be good to yourself and your body.

the wild magnolia said...

What a woman.

Research, then push through the pain,

Good job.

stephanie said...

just discovered your blog recently. i have been eager to escape into the woods and be alone with my family to focus on what is important. your beautiful blog might get me through until we are able to go. thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your accident must have been very scary being on your own, please get checked out just to make sure you are ok. You sound a little self blaming as though its a good thing not to give in, I do admire that to a point but sometimes we all need to say its not my fault, i'm hurt, take care of me. Not judging just caring.
Jane xx

Daniella said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing of you. I don't think I would be that strong to keep doing chores, i'd be such a baby about it, lol. I hope you are feeling better today though!

Melanie said...

Your blog is such a beautiful space. I got lost in the 'life' shown in each post. I came here through stephmodo mostly because I wanted to see a grown up Nadia. Mine is just 8 and I feel like names have a little to do with shaping us. :) I'm glad I stopped by.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

you are one tough bird!
I hope your arm is on the's amazing what we can do when we have no choice isn't it?
One things for sure, your photo montage is lovely as always.

Anonymous said...

I hope the pain goes away soon.

When my mum picked me up from school today her first words were;
I found them living our dream.
Then in her So. Cal. surfer laden vocabulary she told me of this magical place. I cannot wait to return, but for now there is homework.

Your Sophie is a beauty.
We lost our male version, Ben, last St. Patrick's day. He was 13. They are wonderful, no?

Bluebells and Lavender said...

Sounds extremely on earth did you manage to knead dough with a sore arm...hoping you are going to feel much better soon! When no one else is around, it's hard for us to act helpless...your determination to plod on is admirable! Sharon

Anonymous said...

Sweet Life Farm- I am so sorry for your loss.