Friday, January 6

thin layer of envy

a  light dusting of snow fell yesterday. as i sat sipping tea and staring out at gentle flakes
i started to think about my last post, more precisely your comments- thank you for them of course
but there was something that worried me, you see if i was going to be totally honest i would tell you that the last few month while visiting certain blogs a seed of envy or jealousy or comparison started forming, never did these things happen to me before. I would not want anyone to feel that way visiting my blog. i feel as if i do a good job and balancing the good and bad here on the blog. my last post made it seem as i got out of the gate of 2012 with a bang and that is not true, in fact i think for the first time ever in my life i wore my pjs for a whole day ( it is true k. the whole day) a slow start you see. yes of course some good things are coming and some good things i will work had in making happen but my life is far from total bliss but full of bliss just the same. yesterday after spending most of the day on the computer talking about the upcoming announcement( that is not all mine) i went outside to feed the horses, as i poured grain into their buckets, my feet in muck boots that for three years i could not afford but needed and finally gifted to me by my mother,  i stood on a thin layer of snow under the starry night sky singing to splash while he gave me big kisses, i felt like the luckiest girl in the world- it is these tiny moments that make everything sound like bliss here on la porte rouge. you see it is the accumulation of small moments but pure ones that make my life what it is.

these are the things that i need to hold unto while being a spectator to all the big things that are happening to others.


Caitlin said...

Hello!! I've been thinking about this alot too lately. Especially after seeing this article (facebook is not so bad for me, but blogs can sometimes do this).

After two years of career misery, I've just recently been accepted a new job that I'm so excited about. But some of the blogs I read make me think I should still aim higher . . part of me wants my own business so my husband and I can have more flexible time. I guess I need to wait and see.

ANYWAY, I do think your blog does a wonderful job of balancing, not that you have to - I think one reason to blog is to focus on the positives and you should blog for yourself first :)

You have to most beautiful photos and quiet moments to share - they are simly stunning and they make me happy too.

Josephine said...

I could not agree with you more. It's all about the little moments of magic while doing the simplest things that can resonate in our hearts the most and make us grateful.

Laura said...

I love your blog, the photos and the content, and I didn't feel you were bragging, you were celebrating having family around. I hope that 2012 will be a great year for you, and no envy at all ;o)

I have a gray chicken like yours, she is always cold, poor thing, but she is our favorite and smartest one. We take her in the house and put her inside our sweaters to keep her warm, she loves it!

Be well!

Kristin said...

I would like to come back here because I find the little things of everyday life. It's another everyday life, it's like reading a book and feel good. I am from Germany, far from you. There is another life, somehow. It's exciting for me to see how you live, how others live.
Your photos show me your everyday life - and and for this reason I like it to see them.
(I hope my english isn't too bad and you can understand me:))

Anonymous said...

your post today made me grateful too for the things i have- all the good things that i take for granted but that make my little world move. so thank you.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Nadia,

... I say 'mash'allah', it comes from God, if I feel something like jealousy.

And moments of envy tells about possibilities which are inside yourself, I think.

And I love those quiet moments under the stars when one could feel that all is one.

All the best for you,
x Ariane.

Jan said...

why do we need to compare? you give such pleasure with your beautiful, simple photos and heartfelt comments. It's not a contest. Plus - what a place to live!

country girl said...
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country girl said...

This is why I record those little magical moments and string them together, so that I can look back on my year and remember the good things. Of course there are hard days, boring days, worries, dirty laundry, tooth aches, and mediocrity. But blogging is a chance to celebrate and share.

I love your photographs and words. I love visiting here. Thanks for your honesty.

We spent New Years Eve in our pajamas in front of a movie, just like we do every year. We were together, in our warm home, safe, with full bellies. What more can you ask for? Things don't have to be glamorous to be great.

Lots of love to you!



is that a great pyrenees? gorgeous. as caitlin said, i love that your blog shows those quiet moments. i think some blogs are lacking a stillness that i quite enjoy. thanks for your beautiful pictures! happy new year.

Tomas and Jones said...

Thank you for your beautiful post and reminder that everything we read is not the full story. That other people's lives are not the enchanted places they sometimes appear to us onlookers. But are real lives made up of both the ordinary & magical moments we all experience.

Thank you for sharing. Happy new year, may it be full of all the wonderful, simple things :)

Lacey Bediz said...

Nadia, I love your vulnerability (and your photos and your home!), that's why I love reading your blog. It's funny how we readers forget to comment but appreciate others blogs so much. Every now and then I get a little note from someone telling me they've read my blog for years and I never knew! So, just wanted to make sure you know, I LOVE this little magical space of yours!!


Sweet Life Farm said...

Love the poetry in the thin layer of snow sprinkled upon Splash, Sophie, your blue cochin and the other lovelies. Beautifully said and shared…. I think you said it best and how we are blessed to know those small, pure moments. Out to grain my horses I now go…breathing in their sweet smell and listening to their contented chewing I will be reminded how I’ve been blessed. Thank you Nadia, you are a treat to the heart and soul!

kimberly said...

And yet, your simple, beautiful, soul-filled world creates that thin layer for others- as what I wouldn't give to be surrounded by open spaces (with more room to fill with rescued animals, don't you know! :) ).

I do adore you - not only your beautiful talent, but your beautiful presence. You are such a gift my friend, and one of the places that I come to be inspired to be peaceful and happy and content. So thank you for that.

Love to you,

Mary said...

The small, seemingly sometimes insignificant moments, are what make life so wonderful and full of bliss. I used to take the small things for granted. No more.. :)

Cindy said...

this is great nadia. I am trying to remember, in 2012, that comparison kills is a daily struggle trying not to compare myself, my photos, and my life to others that seem so shiny, sparkly, perfect. it's a daily challenge, but I think if I can remember, I will not let comparison kill the joy I find in the things I do. :) Happy New Year!

corine said...

You might be jealous of their blog but i'm jealous of yours.

Tash said...

I have always adored your honesty Nadia. I have always been thankful for the little things, the simplest moments in my life. Now more than ever. I know that you understand this.

Others may paint a certain picture but we never really know what goes on behind closed doors.

I'm all for any happiness that comes your way, you truly deserve it. xx