Sunday, January 9

twelfth night

yesterday morning i woke up to snow and it was lovely. mid afternoon a conversation that made my heart hurt took place. then the horses got there hooves trimmed by the happy farrier. A friend asked me if i would like to go to a play with her, perfect timing i say. We arrived at the theatre an old gorgeous church, in the car i had asked what would the play be about she said well i am not sure of the name, there is fire, singing and dancing. arriving at the large church doors i was so happy to find out it was twelfth night, i instantly became young again, giddy and excited. it was beautiful done and the costumes were the loveliest, the church was packed and the spirit was great. there were nuns in the audience an they laughed so loudly , it made me happy to hear. then friends of a friend invited us to their home for "hors d'hoevres" but what we found instead was full blown esquisite traditional holiday dinner, the kids table was so beautiful, it made you want to be a kid again until you saw the the grown up table decorated with twelfth night, holiday Crackers(poppers) and so on. It was so lovely there, as the fire roared and snow fell outside. each of us assigned a night, i the third night "three french hens" we sang all around the table adults and children a like. the best of times i had and too think it was all last minute. what a great way to end the holiday season( little christmas) and begin the quiet winter months.

 pictures from my day yesterday, unfortunately i did not have my camera last night.


Chelsea said...

beautiful. i love 12th night!! sounds like such a great evening.

Marina said...

What a beautiful story. I read this just after another heart-warming story, you might also like -

It makes me feel happy to be human, times like these where people come together to laugh and feel joy.

Thank you for sharing.

S. Etole said...

brrrr ... those feet look so cold in those pretty red shoes ... glad your day ended on happy note

Caroline said...

I love your photos with your red shoes! And, the way your write is always so descriptive, full of feeling and just beautiful! xo

Jane Flanagan said...

Sounds divine. I absolutely adore the last image!