Friday, December 3


i have been a little distracted as of late. I promise to return soon. 

things i am loving right now
looking out my window and seeing the horses graze
the chickens that are now laying in basket in my mudroom
the coop that is almost finished
the woodpeckers, blue jays( hundreds) and cardinals that look like ornaments all over the farm
that i finally learned how to knit and having people who want me to knit them things
the fact that i am being proactive on  certain somethings
k's friend sean and the kindness he show us
george for helping, always 
rich for the warm fires and tea
jutta for knowing my heart belongs to star and for teaching to knit
my mum for being

what i would like you to know
i went to animal shelter yesterday to help prepare for a fundraiser
all the cats and dogs in the the cages made me cry, honestly all night i could not catch my breath
if you ever thought about adopting, do it i guarantee you it is the most giving thing you can give yourself, when you are looking at your holiday wish list why not think about it, the joy they bring you is so incredible and  special.


S. Etole said...

the message in your window says it all ...

Nina said...

Wonderful post.
I have decided to adopt a cat. As soon as I have a new home and have settled in. I have not been able to do so previously as my soon ex-husband is terribly allergic, but as I´m going to be living alone now I will make a dream come true and invite a cat to share my everyday with me. I can´t wait!!!

onesilentwinter said...

oh nina, that is wonderful. i hope your move will be good one and that happiness will come in through every window and door!

Mlle Paradis said...

great post and i do wish most people would adopt from shelters and continue to give of themselves to lovely little animal babies.

been there about the crying! and some of the stories you hear from other people who care for animals! heartbreaking!

Ashley said...

What gorgeous gorgeous photos!

And I agree with your sentiments about adopting an animal, they are so wonderful and the amount that are homeless or abused just breaks my heart.

hila said...

I adopt all my animals. My little kitty was about to be put down before he was rescued. Every time I look at him, I think, he almost died, and my heart squeezes. Poor little things.

etre-soi said...

Nadia, as I love your blog I awarded you the I love your blog award at my blog

UpGemini said...

It seems that you have been distracted by some lovely thoughts: farm, friends, family... so we don't mind! :)
Stay warm, enjoy the farm... and take some pictures for us :)))

Bonbon Oiseau said...

me too distracted but so much to do...can you come? i would so love that..i will put you to work though (heeheeheeee)...come!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i understand distractions completely! i've been mia over the past while but wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes! i hope all is well and i'm looking forward to catching up on your blog.

i actually posted a link to some music i've recorded over the past month and i would love if you would give it a listen!

happy day friend, happy day.