Friday, May 7


yesterday i was able to put splash with tolstoy. i can not express how beautiful it was to see these horses together. tolstoy was beaming, you could tell how happy he was too finally after to many years deprived to able to give him a forever friend. they both got down and rolled in the dirt at the very same time it was the most beautiful thing to watch- honestly these giants jsut rolled almost touching while they did. in life we make so many decision for our animals whether a dog or horse to be able to give to them a companion of their own kind, is the kindest and more rewarding thing we can do.


in another lifetime said...

so great! I love these photos, they make me feel like I have fallen asleep in the grass, and in between napping I sleepily catch glimpses of these beauties. Then the sleepiness wins and I am back to dreamland:)

Erin Wallace said...

This is so ethereal and lovely. Have a great weekend!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i am happy--i love how you are photographing--a little blurred and mysterious and perfect.