Saturday, June 20


today early morning a friend and i headed to boston just as the fog was breaking. we made our way to tatte's bakery ( will surely become an addiction) in brookline then walked all over the city. there was so much going on a little bit of everything to tell you the truth. Got home to the quietness and the stillness that is needed after such a full morning. when i come home and am greeted by my dogs who have not eaten any of my shoes or books( sophie is like her mama she like's both very much) well when i am greeted with such a reception by them i feel like a rock start in my own living room.

p.s. speaking of rock stars guess who i will be seing in a few weeks with my sister in montreal! i will be thinking of alll of you as i listen to them sing the winner( i hope they sing it)


muralimanohar said...

Ninety four posts I missed...all caught up now. :p And all with your lovely, lovely soundtrack playing in my ears.

cindy : quaint said...

you're a rock star here, too. i especially love the chandelier. is it a band with a name that is spelled the same backwards and forwards ;)?

in another lifetime said...

What a great day!!! Glad the dogs didn't tear up the house:)