Saturday, May 3

Le Studio

I went to my new studio it was all mine and ready
(except for the floors not being cleaned). I sat there in the middle of the floor taking it all in as sophie explored, does she know that this is we're we will spend a lot of time, the place she will see me dance with excitement when i get something right, where I will pace up and down when I just can't get it, where i hope I learn alot about myself and a place where i hope laughter plays a big part.

Then I went to my store and started packing, I was not sad. it a lovely and special place. I think maybe at a later time I will talk about the store and how it took me one year and a half to decide to close/move it but today I jumped out of bed with excitement- I am ready for this ...i am.

this is the empty space. oh and the top photographs was a happy accident(today was a dark and rainy day)


corine said...


Aran said...

Oh my goodness, is all I can say. That is such a beautiful space! I didn't know you were closing the store. Is this a work space or will you be living here as well? I'm very jealous!

nadia said...

For work and it will house French Dressing as well....maybe a few lazy day afternoon naps (lots of light)I will have open studio sales.

Aran said...

That's wonderful!

Gwen Buchanan said...

your studio is the beginning of a big wonderful thing in your life... explore!!!