Sunday, May 4

Apple blossoms and the rain

It has been raining for three days straight and most of the time
there is bitter chill in the air. In the house a blanket was put back
on the bed and the wood stove back on duty. I am fond of the rain
but there is a lot of planting to do and clients are waiting and my own
garden is calling. The upside of the cold and the rain is the blossoms  for the apple trees are more beautiful. So when the rain stopped for a brief moment I walked outside to look at them....and then ran in the house to get a shoe and a necklace, their is a possibility that I am going crazy, a shoe in a tree?


corine said...

Has cinderella's been doing some tree climbing in the rain?

Aran said...

I love the necklace!!! Nadia, you are the accessory queen. I want to take a peek in your closet and in your trees!!!