Sunday, May 4

A stroll under the fading blooms

sculpture on the common of the brown the campus.

the rain has stopped and the  sun
begins to shine. I took another stroll
underneath the blooming trees, colors have changed
some I have never seen before. the petals begin to 
fall and lay beneath my feet.


Mrs.French said...

beautiful, as always...

Aran said...

What a beautiful campus... I love the cherry blossom shot... I love all of them actually... how could I not!!!

corine said...

You're making Providence look quite appealing. We'll all be moving there if you continue.

brookeahanadaily said...

Who did the sculpture? We have one out here in Los Angeles as the entry to a store on Melrose - it is so gorgeous and unique...I think i have photos somewhere and if you email me I'll show you!

Loving the necklaces in your more recent blog and Santa Fe and lilacs - delicious!