Thursday, January 12

the soft rain and warm air

Dear friends, thank you so much for the comments and emails, made me smile but moreso gave me this sense of familiarity that I have been craving.

Poet and I have been home with head colds and except for the chores we have not ventured outside in days, Today I just needed a walk and although it was raining the air was warm and the drops soft. The landscape always changing, today my favorite winter colors emerged the ones that feel as if you are walking in painting, Andrew Wyeth if i was to be specific.

I have decided to devote a half hour of my day to write here in these pages, a half hour of listening to music and writing. I sat down with Poet and  told her my plan and that she could read or draw during that time, she looked at and said " I will make dinner" I write this as she is handing me slices of oranges between her preparing dinner. She cooks so beautifully and passionately at her age, I taught her knife skills very early on, when i realized she would always go for the knife and it was best to teach her the proper methods. She knows how much olive oil to put in the pan, how to snap asparagus and peel garlic. She can combine food  so beautifully matched like chickpea, lemon, garlic and fresh herbs. I should take photographs for you. I am sipping some sparkling water as I type the only way I can drink water these days and I make it myself, I know it seems silly to speak about it but this simple machine that requires no electricity and can instantly turn my well water to this bubbly water makes me kid like happy.

It is amazing how we could run from a certain kind of rain and in another walk gently not caring how wet we get.  I have not done so many of the things that used to come easy, like daily walks no matter the weather. Today we started again.  The weather has gone from mild to extreme cold and mild again. I like my winters with a good two feet of snow and in the thirties,  it healthy that way- the things that need to be dormant are allowed to do so, the animals body temperature is steady, food intake predictable and healthy and the quiet that snow brings helps one quiet the urge to do more than one can. 

I must go now, Poet has nappa cabbage, pineapple, garlic on the counter, i am wondering what we are making:)


KAM said...

teaching skills with utensils, including the knife, brings years of pleasure to a child who wants so to be making food to eat. Poet is so fortunate to have a mother who listens to her wishes and finds ways to make them be reality. The ingredients sound delicious...think I will get some cabbage when I shop today.

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice to have you back. I love hearing about yours and Poet's life. I am looking forward to seeing Poet and her skills in the kitchen. I guess it is like mother and daughter. Welcome back.

chloé said...

I didn't read your blog before but found you on instagram some time ago and love your photos of the farm and the videos of Poet's quiet sweet voice. I don't think it's silly at all to love making your own sparkling water! My husband and I have talked about getting one of those machines. I often have a sore swollen throat due to allergies (I think?) and I find cold sparkling water one of the best soothers. It is the little things really that make days brighter. I love that Poet knows how to cook..remarkable!

Verónica said...

Loved this post so much, there is whole Life in it! Your blog is one of those I've been following for years, before nobody counted followers or shares on social media, and it is such a pleasure to read you again... I love old-fashioned blogging, the kind when we simply shared bits of our lives.
Poet, and you, are amazing. Thank you for sharing those glimpses of pure life with us.