Tuesday, September 2

when words become a song

Hello, I  hope you are well and that you are enjoying these last days of summer.  I am upstairs, the windows let in a soft breeze, crickets, tree frogs and this  are the only sounds i hear. The sky is turning from dusk to dark and i can see a beautiful silhouette of the birch tree. I am profoundly happy.
Just the other day i told a friend that i felt like a balloon being held by a child seconds before  being let go. I am excited about so much but grounded and filled with what i have.

I am preparing for many things at once, yet i do not feel rushed and maybe that part is on it's way but for now- i am good at being here in the moment.  Last week i needed a quietness, a stirring so I took Poet and we drove down a dirt road, i needed to see these beautiful creatures. I was surprised at how much they spoke to my spirit, how much they listened to my inner rants. I stayed for a while and then came back again a few days later. Sometimes, you need to be heard or to hear with your eyes until your soul has received the message and your body becomes fully awake.

I am awake and a continuous flow of words can be heard inside me almost a song….


Anonymous said...

Oh Nadia, I wish I had a flow of words that would fully describe how beautiful I find this.

I am so happy for you. Life takes some wonderful turns, doesn't it....

Anonymous said...

here we go! so, so good that you are happy as you have been a large part in keeping so many of us profoundly happy with your words.

Sweet Life Farm said...

Pure inspiration, lovely.

Unknown said...

your balloon analogy is so perfect and lovely and familiar. it is a great feeling and i am happy for your profound happiness.

KAM said...

Nadia your words today flowed into my being...bring to my center much peace and delight in the blessings of all small pieces of the every day. A most luxurious collection of words..Thank you for this. Kristin

Unknown said...

The way you described the night is so, so beautiful and made me wish it was Summer already where I lived.

Beautiful photography.

Naturally Jes

Wendy said...

I am so happy for you Nadia! I live in St. Lazare now and there are horses all around. I do love how they speak to your spirit (as you pointed out). There is something healing, something comforting about their energy.

If you check out my blog you will see the header, which is a pic of Jasmine and Nathan patting some neighbourhood horses.

Poet is so lucky to have you for her mother.

Verónica said...

Dear Nadia,

It wasn't until yesterday that I watched the video of you and Poet.

And it enlightened my day.

Through your posts one can witness glimpses of your sweetness of character, of your humility, of your sensibility. After watching the video I feel like I see more clearly than ever the life you live, and how you choose to live it.
I now believe I fully understand how Poet, being with Poet, is your only priority right now. How you don't worry about not posting but instead live real life. How you are not constantly present in the Internet for us strangers but instead you are fully present for those around you, for those in your home.
In a world where everybody struggles to create a beautiful life to show to others in social media, you are creating a beautiful life in reality. And the same way you create such beauty for others to photograph, the same way you host and create a picture perfect environment for others to relax and create, you live beautifully without the need to show it. Without the need of somebody "liking" it. You remain behind the scenes in a world where everybody seems to need to be aplauded on the stage.
You are such an inspiration.

An the relationship between you and your daughter seems simply like the most perfect thing.

This is what I see, as only a humble reader from a faraway land of the world can see.

Thank you for enlightening my day and making me remember that I can find time again to bake as I used to, surrounded by my kids, instead of checking email.

I send you lots lots of love and gratefulness,


KAM said...

Nadia...I am so slow to write and tell you how deeply your words and pictures touch my soul. My life is deeply enriched from the "finding of you" and your blog. Missing posts, knowing that life is unfolding in a most beautiful way for you.
Blessings and so much love,

giveto/ said...

j'aime beaucoup votre univers
bonne journée

Anonymous said...

Nadia, one day I will go to your blog and I will find that you have opened your heart to the world again. I must admit that we are selfish to want to know how things are with you and your family, but we became so attached, so longing to hear the words, the stories, the beauty of your life, even if it was difficult at times for you, we lived the experience through you, and now we miss you. I know for sure that you are sharing with the world but in a different way, but I wanted you to know that I think of you often. jmg

Spa Offer Lover said...

Sorry to feel you're feeling a little overwhelmed, I can see why these horses would wake your spirit! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.