Monday, March 5

when a friend visits the farm, bringing along her little sunshine and book.

a few weekends ago i was preparing for a visit from a friend, Bea who just a few days before released her first cook book. the media & blog world was bursting with admiration for her book, i was excited to have her and her family here but also found myself feeling intimated because what do you cook for someone who makes everything look and taste so wonderful.  I had met bea at her home a year before when aran and i were invited for lunch. the lunch was incredible but it was the ease that Bea prepared the meal for us that was most impressive going from kitchen to table and back again while maintaining a conversation with such grace. I am not so poised at it, so i was nervous but i managed.

Bea,  her husband P. and her daughter lulu arrived just before sunset on sunday. we stood outside as lulu finished her nap in the car , we introduced our spouses, P. was the first "husband" to visit and stay at the farm and he was charming, helpful and funny. when Lulu woke up we headed inside where  Lulu was introduced to the many animals, it took her a while but before you knew it she was becoming more comfortable with them. Lulu is lovely, not only beautiful, a doll- but her vocabulary, wit and knowledge of both english and french  is impressive for any three year old. when you do not have children you quickly realize that the sounds of a child's giggles can fill the house with light.

It was truly great to have them here, we had long breakfast, snacks  & dinners at the farm table chatting away while lulu played, chased and rode the wooden horse. we read books for lulu in bed, i clearly failed the french language as she politely took the book away from me and handed it back to her mum- which truly made me laugh. we took walks through the fields and visited the writers cabin, where lulu and the grown ups played ring around the rosy( that is right kevin i just told the boys at the shop). Lulu held a chicken for the very fist time and i was glad to be a witness to it. I am happy to have had time with Bea not only is she creative, but also beautiful and made even more beautiful by the grace and kind heart she carries within her.

merci bea, P and lulu for spending time with us at the farm.

to see and read a more eloquent post about Bea's time here please visit her blog and this beautiful post.

oh and  getting a signed book delivered by the author to the hill was the icing on the cake- her book is pure sunshine for the eyes, soul and body.


Sweet Life Farm said...

I ate up Bea’s post today for it was filled with lovely photos of your home and accounts of their visit. No wonder you have so many visitors Nadia! How precious for Lulu to hold a hen.

Sounds like a great many gifts you were left with. I love how you describe her book!

Daniella said...

So nice to see you together in one place! Lovely photos as always...

the wild magnolia said...

haven't visited Bea...yet.

you have a magic eye, your photos take me away.

thank you for sharing.

thank you, for sharing.

the wild magnolia said...

haven't visited Bea...yet.

you have a magic eye, your photos take me away.

thank you for sharing.

thank you, for sharing.

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

lucky you! and lucky them, too! your pics are divine.

Juliana said...

This sounds like a visit where memories are made. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

Unknown said...

what an utterly wonderful time you all had together. such magic happening with a child's firsts too.

i think i would fret a little about what to cook for a foodie like that too!

Verónica said...

Every time you share with us one of those visits to the farm I get amazed at the beauty of your home, at your generosity, your hospitality. It's not easy to receive with ease, to stop worrying about what others will think, to not struggle too much to try to make everything perfect, and understand that it will be perfect if we just enjoy the moment and stay present for our guests... But it looks like you manage quite all right : )
Thank you for letting us feel a bit nearer to your lovely farm.

KT Mac said...

I'm still a bit shy when it comes to commenting on posts, but your pictures always captivate me. And the images of your life on the farm on the hill have even this die-hard city girl daydreaming of escapes to a farm every now and again. Thank you for sharing such an intimate view into your life.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

what a magical visit!

Mim said...

A generous space! Vivid photos.

Many thanks,

Mim said...

PS: The little house with the slanted roof is intriguing. Please tell me more about it. Was it a prefab? Did you build it yourself? What do you use it for?

Yours for small spaces,

Wild Maple Wool said...

Love it!


Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

crónicas da vida said...

Magnific pictures
Lovely home
Beautiful landscape
Magic atmosphere
I love this lifestyle

Is because of it that i follow your blog
Greetings from Portugal

(If you permite I share some pics in a post)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Wow--both posts are so lovely!!! looks like such an amazing time and I'm so glad you all had fun--so much beauty--(I am dreaming of eating those oeufs again....) oxoox