Monday, July 4

and they finally meet on the hill.

i arrived home with the kids from montreal late into the evening. corine and her family would be here tomorrow and i was a mess, nervous of meeting her, them and wondered how joe would find the house he built. they arrived late in the afternoon and it was instant connect for all three of us on both sides. the kids and joe went off to prepare a fire,  joe was to cook a meal on open fire up on the hill. corine and i in the kitchen, happily so. corine is lovely, petite, blond beautiful flowing curls, a youth fullness to her that i admired and tres francaise with her striped shirt and bandeau, did i mention already how beautiful she is. we prepared things and the children  carried them up the hill to the fire, we then followed. we sat around, i was taking it all in. how quickly the kids got along, instant friends but in away i believe that is what happened between corine and i and now there we were sitting on the lawn of our home chatting away as if we had done this  many times before.

the next day they took the children to bromley mountain for a day of adventure, although it had poured minutes after they left they continued and ended up having the best of times. i was alone for the first time in weeks, did some work, ran  errands, picked up some things to prepare the evening meal, and the fixing for smores- the night before we had failed the kids, for the cupboard only housed four little marshmallows. when they got back, corine and joe went for a hike behind the house to the top of the mountain to see the view, the kids grabbed pencils and paper and started to design a fort that they would build next year. they were so excited, there plans included, zip lines, water slide and more  .  we had dinner on the porch, then grabbed the things needed for the fire and the smores and headed back up the hill. the  sky turned beautiful shades of pink, truth is watching the children have so much fun, connect filled my soul. we came back into the house for strawberry, blueberry and mangoes crisp with vanilla ice cream that i had prepare earlier that day then headed outside to light some sparkles, watch random fireworks  from the hills and while fireflies lit up  the sky the dark night around us.

it was good day, weekend. on a personal note, to have finally met corine in person was very special and yes i was very nervous about so much but sometimes, things are so natural that you could never picture them any other way. merci  chere corine for this wonderful path we are on!! Corine has released her first book 
Hidden in Paris, and i am so happy to have a copy, the book feels incredible in your hands those who are readers will know what i mean, so stay tuned for a post devoted to corine . her book and a giveaway.


the wild magnolia said...

The photos capture good times and natural beauty.

Thank you for sharing.

the wild magnolia said...

The photos capture good times and natural beauty.

Thank you for sharing.

Juliana said...

What a wonderful weekend full of fun, family and friends. Those are the best!

corine said...

I was there!!!


Ann Marie said...

these photos are wonderful...making me a bit homesick for mountains, family, and fires.



Tash said...

Being on that hill with your loved ones including a special friend that you have met in person for the first time, well I can only imagine how you must have felt. What a beautiful and memorable weekend.

Josephine said...

What sweet words accompanying beautiful photos! I finished Corine's book recently, and it's perfect summer reading.