Thursday, July 4

the breathing place

i am leaving for NY tomorrow but  can i tell you even though i look forward to being there, the coffee, beautiful studio space i will be working in and the loft i rented to rest my head or gaze at the skyline from it's rooftop will be nice- my heart is here my thoughts get processed here, my heart mends here, the deepest laughters happen here. Sometimes i think about how much i speak of the hill to you  and that maybe i do not use my time here wisely but dear you this is where breathing happens, where arms get stretched, feet firmly touch the ground and were dreaming and reality merge.

My heart and belly feel like a ball of elastic bouncing and entangled in thoughts, experiences that are never still. I crave stillness, sometimes i think of my hand being held or my head resting on a shoulder of someone just as a child does for comfort.


sofia said...

The Hill is a soulful beautiful place where the well is filled made me think of Shambhala, a peaceful spiritual place that nourishes those who have attained the end of their Karma! Have a great time in NY. ;)

Sanda said...

Suck a beautiful place and beautiful words..

Sweet Life Farm said...

Dear Nadia,

The first image is breathtaking, beautiful. I can never get enough of the hill, its ceaseless, peaceful beauty. Is it where your truest self feels free? I imagine so. It must be one of the prettiest places on earth, especially so with your sweet soul living there.

Enjoy NY, my dear, packing pieces of the hill in your heart.

P.S. Sofia’s comment is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I always feel a peace comforting me when I hear you talk about the hill. I can only imagine how your heart must sing to be there and how it must long to be back when you are away.

Enjoy your time in NY. xo

onesilentwinter said...

Dear S, Sofia, Sanda, Sweet and Sarah,

Your words are the breeze i needed today and your presence here is one of the reasons i keep coming back.

THank you for your kind words today and always.

with kindness

Donna said...

I understand ... I am on my hill right now for the weekend . The rolling landscape the , the stillness grounds me and then allows me to touch space and rest in equanimity . Hopefully one day it will be a permanent residency for me.
Be well,

Elleannie said...

The hill sounds so beautiful and like such a wonderful place to be. I love nature and being away from the city!

Have a good time in NY. And BTW, I love Bon Iver!

dervla said...

that Bon Iver song gets me....seems to me that you don't waste your time on the hill, you appreciate it deeply, and that's all we can expect really. Enjoy your time in NY.

Jeane M. said...

Simply lovely! The photos are breathtakingly beautiful, love them. Got my eye on your next posts.

demetria said...

Hi nadia,
I just discovered your dreamy blog! I've just moved back into central vermont, and it seems that you live in Vermont? Maybe if you live close we can be photography friends! In the meantime have fun in New York!

dervla @ The Curator said...

Just checking in on you Nadia. Hope the end of summer is going well for you.