Thursday, December 20

Tuscany Italy, registration opens today ( update sold out)

Hi there, wanted to let you know that registration for our workshop Food Culture Exploration through food & lifestyle photography in Tuscany, Italy opens this morning at 9 am eastern time, go here to register, we hope to see you there!

UPDATE: our workshop sold out in minutes we feel both happy and honoured that you will be joining us. For those who would like to be part of a mailing list for upcoming workshops please go here, thank you!

* the above pictures are from two markets in the Dordogne region of France i visited last fall, i can not express to you how i fell in love with this couple. ( more about them and of France to come, after the holidays)


dary letti said...

oh how i wish i could have gone to the workshop. maybe next time! please check out my new

thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

corine said...

wha....t?? Congratulations. You could do this every week and it would not be enough. I will participate vicariously through your photos...