Thursday, September 6

les jardins and bittersweet moments

It is thursday the week has been a mix of doing much and not nearly enough. my list feels as big it did when i stepped off the plane and landed back on the hill. france will come fast, i do not often feel alone except when trying to get things done that i in no way can do on my own and the list is studded with such things. I also have been reflecting on things and the people in my life there is an unbalance that i let happen and i am very dissapointed in myself for letting it happen and if i am going to be very frank for having ones around me that let it happen. I am trying to process these thoughts and let these things go, i am good at it but somehow i am stuck and keep hitting the edge instead of climbing over it, so for right now i will put these thoughts to paper and try to change gears by letting you know about a few things. perhaps these feelings are the kind that can only be cured with violins, deep moving films, passages from inside a book or that email from maman in my inbox.

there is new life here on the farm, it happened a few days ago, the night before a good friend Paul stopped by for the night. k and i walked the fields with him as we reminisced about our past it was nice to share this space with him.  the next morning i came down the stairs and both k and paul had gone but what i found was a little duckling, noisette the mother duck had been sitting all summer and finally there was life- the timing was so poignant to me as k and i closed some chapters from the past there was a new beginning. i was also very happy for the mother, she was so proud and tender a feeling i long for in the deepest part of my heart.

I also wanted to share the photographs above, they were taken last year in dordogne at les jardins
marqueyssac . I remember the afternoon well, the sun was lovely and warm i walked behind aran and stephanie barely hearing what they were saying but the gentle sounds that played made the walk down the paths even more special, in fact if i was going to share the whole story i would tell how we got locked in and how we climbed iron gates and crawled through bushes.

i hope you forgive me for sharing both side's of the coin in this post.

also i have named the little duckling henrietta that is if she is a she, henri either way in memory of my sweet friend stacy's companion.

* ps. the third photograph of just the garden path is one of my favorites ever, i don't edit my photographs ever but wonder if i should remove the the right corner, i just love all the layers of green, texture and warm light.


megan said...

thank you for sharing the stories and lovely images nadia. i saw the picture of henrietta that you posted, too sweet. good luck with your long list before france!

Matt Inwood said...

I hope you have violins and films and words from your mum soon.

In the meantime you have our gratitude for always sharing what is so honest and beautiful in your head and through your eyes.

joanne said...

You always write so touchingly and sincerely. It is refreshing and beautiful. Hope it's a Henrietta - that way you get more eggs!!

Sweet Life Farm said...

You have a gift of making a feast for the eyes and soul like no other! I was lost in your photographs, in their richness and loveliness; it took me a time to make it to the end of your post… Touched to tears, dear sweet you for this act of remembrance and kindness, and Henrietta! A precious new life begins.

Wishing you to hear those gentle sounds again to bring today’s path closer to your heartsong. May your list diminish so you feel more at ease. In these times, wish I lived closer. Blessings on you.

Rebecca said...

As you do so often, you touched a resonant chord in this post. The line about unbalance and disappointment, and the image of the edge and the coin. All of that very much in my own mind these days. I wish you sweet travels, lots of gorgeous photos, and the opportunity to find the balance you deserve.

dervla kelly said...

beautiful post. Can't wait to see photos of little Henrietta!

Stephanie said...

Openness and frankness is a good thing :) Hard to do sometimes, but always best in the end.

p.s. these images are getting me so excited! (not that I wasn't already :)

Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Such beauty in the pictures and the words Nadia. I can't wait to see France through your eyes.

mimi charmante said...

Lovely friend,
Your images make me envious that I am not returning with you. That week was truly magical and I am so excited to hear how it goes this year when I see you in October~
Big hug,

the wild magnolia said...

indeed there are two sides to life.

wishing you the balance you are looking for, in spades.

the wild magnolia said...

indeed there are two sides to life.

wishing you the balance you are looking for, in spades.

the wild magnolia said...

indeed there are two sides to life.

wishing you the balance you are looking for, in spades.

country girl said...

No matter how many people we have in our life who love us, and friends who care, we all still have those moments of feeling so profoundly lonely.

And balance is something we are all striving for.

My mother always tells me: "It takes great effort to stay afloat in joy."

Wishing you serenity, and release of all that does not serve your highest purpose!


happy birthday, henrietta!

Anna said...

Your talent is always so encouraging. I love listening to your stories and views of life. You have no idea how such a big inspiration you are.

(PS. I'm planning bicycle trip in France next year and I really want to visit JARDINS DE MARQUEYSSAC and photograph it for my Mom who also loves all kinds of gardens.)

Debie Grace said...

Those pathway photos look so magical to me :)