Monday, November 28

to k.

thirty nine years ago today the most important thing happened, you were  born.
you are  my best friend,  you get even more handsome as the years go by.
after twenty years of togetherness i would think the nicest things
you could say to me have been said, but last friday night you proved me wrong
 you made me feel luckier than i could have ever imagined,  you made my heart melt.
you are rich with goodness, dedicated and have a kindness i have never known till the very minute i met you.
happy birthday my love.


Juliana said...

Written with love!

Josephine said...

What a sweet tribute!

Happy birthday, K! Thanks for taking good care of our dear Nadia :)

Kristel said...

How very sweet! Happy birthday K!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

awww...I LOVE THIS!!!!

Chessa! said...

I love Love. your words are so heart felt. you gave me the goosebumps. x