Friday, September 16

my heart speaks


 actually my heart is always saying something, most of the time it either cries or sings. sometimes i want my heart to be a little more composed, not so weak, yet it reminds me when i ask it to slow down just a bit it says "you want me your heart to slow down?"  no your right be yourself i say. yesterday while my fingers were cold it decided to remind me of sad tales if i told them to you, you would not think they were sad at all, but oh dear people they are so epic & sad.  there is tiny line of a song that says sometimes in love there is forever and other times there is pain. i think love even when it ends last forever don't you.

today while driving on an unfamiliar road i listened to a woman talk about how she knew mother theresa, being herself in covenant for twenty years. she talked about how after mother therasa death, ten years after they found letters about her doubts, about her yearning for something else. i thought about that all the way to here. how one could live one life so completely devoted to it yet yearn for something else. then i thought about the difference between thinking and feeling and that is when i realized i am not capable to separate those two powerful things. i think what i feel and feel what i think, it will always be that way for me, i know that now.

* i am not in anyway comparing myself to mother theresa. the story to me was about women and the path they choose and how they can walk on one while in their heart, be on another.


Ashley Moore said...

I'm not feeling very nimble with words today, but I wanted to say this post is a bright moment in my day. Thank you.

blanc said...

I just found your blog and this first image took my breath away. It's so beautiful here, blanc

Dobbie said...

There is always a path true to self, it always leads out from this very moment. Can’t be done halfway though….that’s a different path, just another version of the inauthentic path. I think it’s all or nothing, takes a whole bunch of courage. But it’s always there to follow.

Kerri said...

Wow, how astonishing to think of mother theresa longing for another life. I find that so comforting somehow. Thank you for sharing that story x

Lucia said...

I always tell my boyfrtiend that our love will last forever. Even if it won't.