Sunday, August 28

a bouquet (*update)

it is still raining here and every once and a while the thunder is felt underneath my feet. we are safe, the animals are safe, the plants and the trees too. I am lucky and i know it. rumours have it that this was some sort of media hype but some people have lost their lives, their homes, their belongings. sometimes i am sadden that people to do not believe in the collective thought, the power of a group of people hoping, praying for the best positive outcome, perhaps that is what has happened, the worst has not found us and that is because we thought  it away.

k sits  on the chaise watching a movie, i check on animals, pick up around the house and find a recipe to try from a the beautiful Mediterranean cook book filled with incredible photographs that was gifted to us by Kevin's co worker jim  this weekend, what a wonderful and kind surprise, thank you jim. we arrived at the tail end of the farmers market in williamstown yesterday, vendors had packed up, but k found the the flower vendor loading his truck and bought the most beautiful bouquet of zinnias to brighten things up if we were to loose power.  i thought even as the rain falls outside how i can not help wanting summer to stay just a little longer.

hope you my dear readers are safe.
( i know it more might be coming in regards to the weather)

UPDATE* it is only when driving into boston at three am this monday morning did i learn of the destruction that has taken place  here in vermont, my town bennington and neighbouring towns such wilmington, troy  and brattelboro. Last night after i posted this post, the wind came and the rain poured but we did not loose power except for the quickest minute. we are fine and we know how lucky we are. i am very sad, if  i am to be truly honest -every time npr spoke about what was happening in vermont my eyes filled up with tears. this is a beautiful state and to know that the covered bridge i stood on and posted about just a  few weeks ago along with two others are no longer standing makes my heart ache. i am thinking of all of you and with all my heart hoping you are well.


S. Etole said...

What a lovely profusion of color in your bouquet. Glad to hear all is well with you.

cindy* said...

so happy you are safe and sound! i am seeing/hearing lots of joking that Irene is just hype, but my best friend in New Jersey has been evacuated from her town and found her apartment flooded to the ceiling this morning, she is safe but there is a lot lost.

tj said...

...Simply beautiful! :o)

...Hope you stay safe & sound.


the wild magnolia said...

I believe, I think positive, I pray!

Gorgeous zinnias. They have brightened my day. All of your photos move my spirit.

I am always sad for the loss of life.

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

good to hear that you and yours are well. it sounds like my family in central mass is also safe. i like the idea of positive thought... i'm sure it helped!

country girl said...

It's the little things, like that pitcher of zinnias, which line dark days with color and joy. So glad you have a husband who knows this.

Stay wrapped in safety and love.


Lucia said...

Flowers always tell us that there is hope. Even if it rains,they'll bloom again and warm us.

Juliana said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are safe and well! I was away this weekend and didn't even know you were in for a storm.

Your bouquet makes me smile!

Agnèslamexicaine said...

oh the beautiful flowers!

Melissa said...

I'm a fairly new visitor to your blog and really enjoy it. Your photos take me away from suburbia, the blazing heat and terrible drought.

Last night I saw footage of rushing water flowing under a Vermont bridge and thought of your photos. Sad to hear that it didn't hold up.

I know how damaging hurricanes & tropical storms can be-I grew up on the Texas coast. Glad your home & family are safe.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

I'm glad to hear you are safe but so sad about all the destruction around... xo

etre-soi said...

glad to know that everything's ok for you, your family and your surroundigs. Sending all my positive thoughts to people who are suffering.
Those flowers are amazing !

Anonymous said...

I began to read your blog only recently. it's such a pleasure. On your last post you wrote about the
storm. I worried about you.
And I'm so glad that you and your dear family and your animals are safe. Take care of yourself.
Eva from Moscow.

Erica said...

So happy to find another Vermont blogger and to hear you're safe!

I've been looking around your blog and am in awe of your photography, it's gorgeous and some of the photo perspectives are not ones I would come by naturally...they're making me think and inspiring me beyond belief...I can't wait to see more! :)

Nia said...

Nice pics!

Greetings from Barcelona


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Life is beautiful yet so powerful and fragile all at the same time...glad you're safe.