Friday, May 27

morning on the hill

i was going to write a few things, but i if you do not mind i will share with you something from my journal about morning on the hill.

i shall get up any minute, get up i say to myself and i do. i look out the window above my bed across the pasture to the orchard and the writers cabin, no turkeys today. I run to the other window and there they are tolstoy and splash- we have made it through the night and we are all well. the dogs and i leave my bedroom the cats are outside the door and everyone is trying to make it down the stairs first as if we are secretly having a race. I turn  my espresso machine on as i pass the kitchen on my way to wash my face and brush my teeth. jeans, shirt muck shoes it is time to let everyone out, dogs first, sophie than grace. the chickens and ducks hear me now and they begin to make a racket. i fill all water buckets and feeders and i opened the door for my feathery friends who spill out like water, this scene always makes me laugh and yet it is beautiful. then off i got to feed the horse who are waiting patiently, drop the grain in the bucket and i stand between splash and tolstoy for splash likes to steal from tolstoy, i play with his mane and sing to him our morning song,( i love u and you love me) it is our  thing and he leans his cheek to my lips when i say with a big great kiss. i love this rituals and now i almost hear k laughing but he is miles a way in boston and thinks this singing stuff is funny. i have now carried this ritual  over to the ducks and chickens when i close them in for the night, i sing the same song, poor feathery friends they must endure my voice. i want a cello or a base i tell k. at  jazz night, he simply says perhaps you can play for the animals instead of sing.

before i head in for my mocha and book i pick dandelion greens for the chicken and ducks they love it so and i do it all day long.

* the pictures of sophie and K. are one my favorites i have taken here. k eat his coconut french toast and sophie who never begs, approaches him in a kind manner.


laceybediz said...

I LOVE this post!!! Oh, it reminds me of living in the farm in France--I was always the first one up and got to be the one greeted by the cascade of animals ready for breakfast. Your words and photos make me yearn to go back to farm life! I miss it so. Your home is beautiful and your man and dog too!


S. Etole said...

what a beautiful dog ... I can see why those photos are your favorite

Juliana said...

I have just fallen in love with your home. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Tash said...

You have put a big smile on my face this morning Nadia, your writing is so transporting, I can see the animals and follow you on your morning ritual. Beautiful. And your Sophie is beautiful too, such touching photos, I understand why they are your favorites.
PS: Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story of losing 2 pets.. I can't imagine. We have to remember the good times don't we.

PK Studios said...

Sweet photos of your loves....I had a great day with my pups today too (took them to the beach for the first fun!). Aren't we all so blessed to have animals who love us and make us smile!?
And that pomegranate painting....holy cow!!! It's amazing! Tell us more about it!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

it is so beautiful nadia! i love that candid image of kevin & sophie.

christina said...

they are my favorite photos as well.