Friday, November 26

a quiet morning after

yesterday k and i spent the day at the farm and mostly indoors after chores and the occasional hay feeding. we cleaned the house and re-arranged furniture before cooking thanksgiving dinner. we watched movies, glimpsed at dog shows, knitted and exchanged thanksgiving wishes via email to friends. we sat by candlelight and ate our meal( we got full too fast). then out we went under the dark sky and fed and tucked away the animals. came in made an apple crisp and watched another movie, then probably my favourite part of the day we lay quietly, with lights off on the couch.

this morning  i was supposed to go to a tea house with people i hardly know, but the warm air, soft rain and clean air made me want to stay home and sip tea while knitting some more. I am thinking about how to decorate, where to place our christmas tree and how to wrap presents this year, do i do it like the year before last or last year , nope something completely new  think.


Bee Tea said...

That post made me so happy.
It made me want to go home for Christmas so badly!
The way your described everything is so lovely!
I love the picture with the little red shoes.

Nina said...

Sounds wonderful. Enjoy! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

cassaundra said...

what a pretty place! glad you had a happy thanksgiving!

Botany's Desire said...

WOW, I just love that room. So soothing!

Random Elephant said...

It seems like you had a wonderful holiday! However, being a new follower, the thing I have noticed the most... is that huge, gorgeous dog!!! ahahahah

avant garde said...

sounds like an amazing few days. i'm like you, i adore being home, especially when it calls to you, it feels comfortable there. your house does exude comfort and light. really pretty! happy monday too ;)

bigBANG studio said...

GAH the place is SO, so cute.

Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving. Look how cute your hubby is!

(and I'm dying to see "I am Love.")