Thursday, September 23

breathe, exhale and live

how are you? i am good. two nights ago tolstoy gave us the biggest scare ever he choked, choke is different than if we were choking because horses can still breathe but at the time i did not know this, at the time i thought tolstoy was going to die right before my eyes. It is the most visually horrifying thing that lasted far too long, the vet came of course it was late at night. I do not handle these things well and found myself saying there is way more heavy times than good ones when living on a farm with animals. He is recovering now and after staying still all day yesterday he finally came out looking for food and that my friend made me cry in a good way.

every morning i must go out and collect apples that have fallen from thier trees. our farm used to be an orchard but the trees are very old and need some extreme pruning(this winter) to produce apples that are good enough to bring into the kitchen. the horses love them of course but we must keep them away because of the high sugar content and acidity, a few here and there is fine of course but a tree full not so good. so this morning as i opened a pasture up to let splash out ( he had been keeping tolstoy company) i saw him make a bee line to a carpet full of apples, having no time to get a proper bucket i had to put them in one of the horses feed bucket, the contrast was one of the good moments in the farm and a photograph opportunity.

i will be taking a short blogging break but before i leave i wanted to let you know that i have been listening to Ingrid Betancourt speak about her six and half years of captivity. i was listening to her on npr and i could not count how many times tears came to me and my throat ached what a extraordinary story and person. I know very little but hope to read her book " Even Silence has to end:this weekend.

Oh wait one more thing as i drove to the train station this morning i was listening to sports radio( i know but this show is good) one of the host said the following i do not remember the exact words though. " you must go through a lot of pain before you go unto the real good stuff, some people put more obstacles in there way to get through than others.

dear readers thank you for spending time with me daily without a doubt i am a better person because of it
merci mes amies


S. Etole said...

you will be in my heart with prayer ...

Caroline said...

I just had the best apple while hiking today!! I love these photos they are rugged and so beautiful! It is a joy to follow you each and EVERY ... day!! XO

josephine said...

i'm so glad Tolstoy is alright. what a scare!

what a lovely quote to end with. :)

Christina said...

oh i am so glad Tolstoy is healthy. : )

enjoy your break, my friend.

Ann Marie said...

so glad for your healthy tolstoy. enjoy your break. that sounds so nice. we'll miss your daily posts, but will know you're having a wonderful time of it.

(maybe our little project would be perfect for the new year?)

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

take your time nadia... you are leaving us with some gorgeous u=images. will see you soon.