Wednesday, May 5

when all i see in her is beautiful

she had inspired me with the way she lived everyday, then she inspired me by living, today she inspires me and teaches me to not doubt the strength and beauty that comes with moving forward and she does all of it so graciously!

* i understand there is a heavy religion presence in this piece. but what i see is we all believe in something whether it is when we blow out candles, or count pettles on a flower or find a four leaf clover, or ask the sky for help in a dark hour or thank something for making us safe. it seems to me it all starts from the same place " we believe in the possibilty ...."


in another lifetime said...

she is the very definition of beauty and grace.

Ann Marie said...

she is a brave woman. as are you, nadia. love this.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

she is an amazing amazing woman--thank you nadia for sharing this. it has helped me today.