Wednesday, April 21

ann marie's "the things i love today"

have you met ann marie, have you been swept by the poetic way of her pen and photographs well i have. here is her loves

1. when my pen hits the paper and it cannot be stopped for hours and hours

2. how a slice of warm homemade bread with delicious raspberry jam can calm the heart

3. watching the sky change throughout the day: this morning was a wonderful gray, this afternoon a cheery blue

4. listening to friends sing and make instruments sing

5. my first garden soaking up the sun on our little patio

6. reading poetry line by line, then word by word

7. wearing my great-grandmother's apron while making more bread because i already ate the first loaf

8. day-dreaming about how good it feels to be alive, to be a sentient being

9. antique books with yellowed pages from the touch of another human being

10. feeling a storm move through me, cleansing my heart and soul

ann marie
"i am an age old tree. i am stars in white snow."

*if you would like to be part of this weekly feature "the things i love today" please email me!


Christine said...

Beautiful post Ann Marie:)

Sabriel said...

beautiful Ann Marie! I love your blog La Porte Rouge and would love to be a part of this weekly feature! However I could not locate your e-mail. Would you send me a note?

Teresa said...

Oh what a dear dear soul...Ann Marie.
When her first book comes out...
I'm gettin' it!
Oh what an inspiration.

bigBANG studio said...

My two favorite muses in ONE place today!

Beautiful post, AM, and lovely series, Nadia!

Hugs and kisses to you both- xoxo

Erin Wallace said...

I love this idea and would love to take part in it. I actually have a list that I started a few weeks ago. So I'm ready!

Claire said...

What a beautiful & life-giving list!

thais. said...

I love ann maries's blog... and nice meeting your adorable site ;)

cindy said...

i love ann marie's blog and her photos look great on yours, which i love, too. enjoy your weekend!

sa majesté marmotte said...

very pretty picture, I love thos colors!
thanks for your work

jennifer lorton said...

What a nice find. I'd never seen her blog, but I'll be back there again, it's lovely. Nadia, I would be thrilled, and flattered, if you would like me to participate in your new project. Please let me know if you'd be interested in having my list. Thank you.