Monday, December 14

meet me on the hill at sunset

I love walking into the pasture at sunset. what makes my heart
happy is having mike come and meet me halfway. he comes right to me
smells my hat, then my cheek the he nudges me. if i have my camera he must smell it, drool on it but somehow i think he likes it.

yesterday as i my husband walked in the door i proclaimed i am in love with mike! because K. does not spend the day with horses on the brain he said "mike who" with this terrified look on his face!
mike the horse of course, i think he is just perfect!

*dear photographers, do you notice the black shadow to the right of my lens that is the lens that fell and broke(my favorite) have you ever had this problem is it fixable?)


jennifer said...

if it counts, I'm sort of loving those dark shadows!

Rhianne said...

these photos are just stunning (I quite like the shadows too)

Postcards and Coasters said...

Your photos are amazing. I'm fairly new to your blog... where do you live? It looks very peaceful!

cassaundra said...

i think i might be in love with mike, too :-)

montague said...

first off, so beautiful!
about the lens... i'm not sure, but the vignetting it gives is nice. i do understand you might not want that there always though. have you tried taking the lens off and cleaning off the back of the lens and the sensor? maybe some dust or something?

josephine said...

i'd love to meet you on the hill at sunset :) the light combined with the snow is magical!

Ann Marie said...

sigh. as usual, i'm dreaming of your simply beautiful farm. these photos are so cozy and brilliant.

Paul said...

Try to drop the lens on the other side to make a nice shadowy frame. You still takes nice pictures with it.

cindy said...

i love the photos when the animals are looking right at you. so neat!

bigBANG studio said...

oh, i'm with everyone on loving the vignette on the soon as i saw that picture i wondered what you shot it with because it's GORGEOUS. however, a bummer that it's caused by a drop! perhaps call up B&H photo in ny- they're reliably rude and make you feel stupid, but they really do know EVERYTHING about cameras. ask for a lens or repair specialist.

and also, mike seems like an old soul. what a fellow.

gosh, your pictures are gorgeous. the farm looks positively *magical* this time of year.

merry christmas, dear.