Tuesday, November 3

the color at my feet


chased clarabelle back into the pasture again!
nursing a bad knee( not sure how, but better already)
i fixed clarabelles escape rout
created two picture books for printing
answered blog sponsorship question
ate a black bean and goat cheese quesadilla for lunch
listening to npr classics
will find nature treasure with my camera
and i feel like watching remains of the day ( perhaps later)
wondering what i should make with the beautiful quinces i received
and drying black walnuts!


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your oh-so-pretty shoes. Fabulous chartreuse moss and love it paired with the ginkgo by your shoes.

in another lifetime said...

fabulous!! and the day is only halfway over!

Do you know I watch Remains of the Day almost every night? It helps me fall asleep! I love that movie.

take care of that knee and make sure you don't step into any m's with those pretty red shoes:)

cindy* said...

love that green! lovely, lovely...

Bonbon Oiseau said...

these photos make me really wish I were there and taking big deep breaths of fresh air with you. I love your list--hope your knee feels better. How did you answer the question of sponsorship? i got one too!

artemis said...

Stunning photos! I can almost smell the crispy autumn air and crunchy leaves!

Asya said...

Hello Nadia,
Thank you for your beautiful images and writings. I am so happy that my little bowls are now a part of your home.

cindy said...

i love the greens and texture of the stone. hope your knee feels better and there's nothing like an english movie on a cold night. your books must be divine. thank you for your kind words, today, and always. xo, c

martha said...

Wonderful blog, wonderful images!
And so pretty shoes!
Happy autumn greets from Germany,

Gigi said...

Your photos always make me feel good. Oh, those greens and browns you've captured--just delicious.

Can I come over and watch Remains of the Day with you? xo

daysofserendipity said...

Such a lovely day! I feel like I'm always doing laundry and washing dishes and sorting mail (and we don't even have kids yet). How do you find time for all of those other things?

bigBANG studio said...

These pictures are so GOTHIC and fabulous...I'm feeling an evening of Merchant-Ivory movies and hot mulled cider for sure.

Oh and PS- I *finally* added you to my treasure chest of favorite blogs, which I've been meaning to do since I first discovered your magic kingdom. Every time I open your blog my soul is filled. Brimming over, in fact.


You've inspired me to make some tea and download the most recent This American Life from NPR.


Wendy said...

What a busy day!! I hope we get to see your books sometime.
Your pics are so colourful - and as somebody else said, they look gothic!

Aran said...

wow nadia... these images are unbelievable. the color the sharpness... beautiful. hope the knee is feeling better! xx