Monday, October 12


today is thanksgiving. i am canadian. we will be having our thanksgiving harvest dinner on saturday. my mother and i turned on the televison the other night and caught a movie called ten items or less, it was sweet. so i thought i would list my happy items today. please join me.

ten items or less or more

my family
my dogs
the october sun
making mochas at home
the morning dew on my walks that get my wellies wet but make everything glisten
all animals
the sound of elle and dylans voice on the other end of the line
beautiful letters from bloggers in my in box
all the farm stands especially catherine's at chaplin farms that allows me to be a chef in my kitchen
my new friends farmer fred and his wife in chepachet for their advice and guidance
k, for everything but most of all his love.


in another lifetime said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and your fellow compatriots!!!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

happy thanksgiving my friend...i listed my 10 and number 11 for me--coming here to see you!

simplesong said...

happy thanksgiving! hope you had a lovely day...and your list is perfect.

Aran said...

happy belated thanksgiving nadia! i'm sorry i forgot to email you about it. i love your list!