Monday, September 28

a rainy sunday

we had a good weekend. saturday we walked to our library with the dogs and backpacks on, stopped at a safety fair.met all our volunteer policemen and fire department. sunday it rained , but i still found myself walking and exploring mid afternoon. nature she is magical. the other night i went to check on clarabel and mike, clarabel wanted so much affection it was if she was one of the dogs. she leaned on me( i don't think she knows how big she, it wouldn't be rude to call her a cow:)) well i scratched behind her ear and petted the side of her neck when i look up i was surrounded by a half dozen deers i inhaled and pinched myself once again.

I am also feeling a bit anxious, i have to build a structure to house a couple ducks, a goat and perhaps a horse with so many outbuildings already i feel the task to be daunting. i find myself driving around looking at tiny barns, visiting with neighboring farms and seeking advice from others. although i can draw up plans in a few hours it is the financial part that has me worried. I would like to build everything with reclaimed wood, hinges. windows and doors but such things take time to gather. I am already feeling like time is running out since i could not picture going through the winter without animal it would be much to quiet and i would have nothing to do... i must take a deep breath and think things through.

what things would you like to accomplish before winter comes?


Aran said...

wow... all the bounty! i wish i had such projects before winter but unfortunately i have none. life here seems rather uneventful when seasons change.

in another lifetime said...

what a great weekend!! i have never heard of a safety fair before, but that's great that you got to become familiar with all the departments. So exciting about the deer and your project!


Beautiful! :)

I would like to enjoy the rain, listen to the wind and eat lots of pomegranate!

corine said...

I envy your real autumn. Here in the LA the only sign of autumn are the squirrels crazily burying acorns. Don't they know they will not lack food? Don't they know there will not be snow? Don't they know they are in Southern California? I guess not.

I love the setting with the large stone. It will look so beautiful under snow.

La Tartine Gourmande said...

This looks SO nice. I want to be there and feel the place and earth! Lovely pictures!

countrymummy said...

I would like to develop the courage to write and stitch and knit full-time. Perhaps it's the full moon making me think of such things. Beautiful autumnal photos.