Monday, July 13

i went to montreal and fell in love

with jesse cook. yes i said it out-loud i can see my in laws right about not saying AHA! but it is true. i fell in love with music that jesse cook played from a large stage underneath the blue dark skies in montreal. I had heard a few things by him and never met a guitarist who did not mention his name. we made our way through the thick crowds at the jazz fest when we finally got to the stage surprised by the number of people, we decided to stand at the side of the stage. it was perfect. we where then told that we will be part of the making of his dvd and the kids lit up like a christmas tree! i have to tell you that what came out of all the instruments on stage was one of the most beautiful sounds i have ever heard. i felt so in the moment that my body naturally wanted to move and i did so till the very last string was played. i hope to share some with you.

I also wanted to apologize for a lack of great montreal pics, i simply was having to much fun and forgot to snap away and since it was mostly downtown with thousands of people i simply inhaled it in. OH did i mention on the first night there was this incredible band that played music from Amelie i thought about all of you at that very moment! i also thought hos i wish we could have a gathering there someday!


cassaundra said...

must visit montreal soon.

Amanda Nicole said...

Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time! Sometimes all you can do is breathe it all in.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time (I love the Jazz Fest but I couldn't go this year) and I forgive you It feels so good the relax and breath in!!!

Alicia said...

I've done that too!!!! Its sad in one way but in your soul you revisit again & again!!
Glad you had great weather & good fun. Jesse is mighty lovable.
Peace & ice cream.

Aran said...

how wonderful nadia! and elle looks so grown up right? beautiful and have a great time with them!

Clarity said...

A blog I visit often just posted about returning to her hometown - Montreal. It is so beautiful from the streets to the architecture and the small town/little city feel. How nice for you.