Sunday, May 24

mountains and the freedom they gave us

we are in the mountains such a contrast to our tent on the beach. It is so green here in the white mountains. are tent is right on the river where the water is so clear that as the souls of your feet touch bottom a few perfectly round smooth pebbles play with our toes, you can't help but comment on how clear the water is. all though cloudy today, tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day. the dogs, k and i plan on a good hike, swimming in the river and a late night canoe ride. as i spend time here i realize of the sacrifices that have been taken on our behalf.

I don't like war, i don't like fighting. this war has been costly, what is it exactly we're they buying? but still innocent people are dying, civilians. soldiers who have been mislead by a former president and his possy and soldiers that have been mislead by there leaders such as the taliban, hadaam hussein, and all this who put their personal beliefs, want, needs, before the well being of their people. there is also the wars that have been fought when all else has failed, when negotiations could no longer take place and the well being of there people, country could only be protect by war of some sorts, then a a man or woman become a soldier. they say by to their father, mother, sister, pregnant wife, husband, child, friends. they say goodbye to their new polished car, their garden, their favorite mexican restaurant, their church. they say goodbye to late night tv, movies with a friend fishing in the afternoon and the safety of their own beds. they do this all for us- yes i know some men and woman just like a good fight, how cool it is to drive a tank, be in the army, navy, marines some have been soldiers in their head since their childhood but all of them turn to face something we could not imagine and the reality we can't not comprehend as we climb mountains, eat ice cream, ask for another slice of watermelon and throw the frisbee.

i would like to say thank you, thank you i am grown up enough now to realize that all my beliefs can not change your reality.
and shame on those who mislead you and think they are playing toy soldiers for we know you are not, you are just a boy and a girl who on a sunny day, wish you could watch your dog swim in the river while enjoying a picnic with friends.
* i also would like to say an extra thank you for those soldiers who entered there mission that have no one, who maybe did it exactly for that reason.

* i am in no way a supporter of war, but i believe that when innocent people can't not protect themselves and their family against terror, genocide the world should step in, i also think it is time to create a stronger UN of sorts one that would not have bullies like bush erase all that they were created to protect. i also wish we could get into darfur and other such horrific situations asap.

I also would like the world leaders to know that we could have stopped world hunger forever with the price of this war and not just that we could have build schools, treatment centers and added thousand of new researchers for the cure of major diseases..


onesilentwinter said...

sorry dear frineds about these heavy post- back to normal now. also i think my pictures could be better- but wanted to show you some of the green around me.

I also want you all to know that your supprt, kind words choked me up( who am i kidding cried through the whole comment section) thank you for your time and words. i am blessed.

sarah said...

I think your photo's are absolutely beautiful, what a lovely place you are in. Please keep up your amazing blog, and I hope that hurtful person will stop bothering you!!!! I am sorry this should happen,you seem like such a lovely person through your blog and the way you take photographs. What you choose to show or put on your blog is nobody's business but your own. My life isn't a series of pretty pictures, but that's what I enjoy blogging about. It is unfortunate there are people like that in the world, in my experience they wish to hurt others through jealousy or a sense of their own inadequacies. I hope you continue your amazing journey. All the very, very best to you.

Aran said...

i couldn't agree more with what Sarah said. this is your space and no apologies needed.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i am coming to this a little late, rereading the week's posts...i am so sorry someone has hurt your feelings and came here to attack---
i love your honesty nadia and the fact that you express your feelings and views and who you are here. when you put yourself on the line the way you do, you bring up many feelings for others as well, many good, many times letting us feel ok with who we are, whether it's our fallacies and low points as well as our highest highs...and the fact that you let yourself be vulnerable is an amazingly brave thing, like others have said..this "anonymous" coward is too low for you. i am kind of shocked that someone would be that childish and ridiculous and mean-spirited to bring that here.
thank you as always for sharing... lots of love and tons of respect,