Thursday, April 9

vintage thursday's! yellow and my dad!





oh my

i would wear with jeans, we plan to go strolling on easter

i want

love it
when i was a child, we would purchase new clothes for easter. sometimes a dress or a skirt with the perfect cardigan. i recall that most of time it had yellow. I also remember it would be kept a secret from my father, one time we bought a striped white and yellow skirt, i overheard him in the kitchen telling my mum should girls wear stripes Happy birthday dad! K. and i will probably go for a stroll, find a cafe maybe even see "sunshine cleaning" for even more yellow!


josephine said...

these are all too pretty! have a wonderful easter!

dia said...

I love that coat, & the sandals oh my..

Karolina said...

these things are so adorable. A fun tradition with buying the clothes. Happy easter!

sparks and sunshine

Aran said...

beautiful yellow! like sunshine!

Georgia B. said...

everything here is beautiful
and made me smile.
happy easter.
happy memories of your papa.

blossom said...

i love the coat, and the really cute daisy jewellery.....
really lovely story about your new easter clothes...happy easter xx

littlebyrd said...

What a beautiful collection of yellow photos. I think perhaps this is my favorite color of them all.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

yellow!! this really cheered me up today...