Friday, April 10

happiness is

                                                     k's first seder and him loving beets!

                                                                giving flowers

                                         the smell of hyacinth and catching the sunlight

                   sophie talking to me i think she was saying"put the camera down now:)

                                   a picture of grace where we can actually see her eyes
 winning my first giveaway and it being Marriage freres and discovering a new blog thanks you Joyti

                            Magnolia's in bloom in newport and finding one in my new yard
                                   and all of you for your kindness and inspiration


Karolina said...

beautifully wrapped flowers :)


Indie.Tea said...

What beautiful pictures! You are so lucky to have magnolias in blossom.
I hope that you are enjoying the tea.

trupeach said...

lovely, just lovely.

avant garde said...

those magnolias are inspiring and elegant. happy weekend :)

in another lifetime said...

Wonderful pieces of sunshine!!

Aran said...

beautiful bouquet nadia!

littlebyrd said...

Wow - beautiful pictures! Congrats on winning such treasures.

Esti said...

I love magnolias!