Wednesday, April 16

walking across time

Today I walked across the city
my pace-fast. I was trying to get to where
I was going as fast as I could. It was
the prettiest of days as I rushed I could not believe
how much I was taking in, a street I had never been on
how was that possible? The sweet smell of blossoming
trees and hyacinths. I was overwhelmed with appreciations for
every little thing that I walked passed...well maybe not the SUV's
and the half empty recycle bins but the flowers, the architectures and
sound of a piano being played. I was dissapointed I did not have my camera,
but I also knew if I did, I would have never gotten to where I was going.
I realized how happy I was and how happy these last few days had been, and
how I knew for sure now that I had entered a new chapter, the kind that I could
twirl in, walk barefooted, laugh, dance, the one that I would grow,discover
and be grateful for.


Aran said...

Beautiful. I love those days too that I become aware of my surroundings and feel lucky to be where I am. Yesterday was one of those days. The air was cool (for Florida) and I took my boy out for a walk and noticed all the green against the nright blue sky and I thought I was the luckiest person on earth.

leslie said...

this is so lovely...