Wednesday, April 16

cannelle & vanille

Buttermilk, Vanilla, Strawberries and Black Pepper

Orange Blackberry & Basil Tart

I think I am loosing weight, because everyday
at least two or three times a day I visit
Aran's blog cannelle & vanille, her photographs,
recipes, okay what I really mean is her "masterpieces" are
mouth watering. It is like I have said to myself, my fridge, cupboards
pantry, mixer and oven "If YOU CAN"t make one of Aran's recipes
forget it! I wait and wait and I ask how is it that my usual delightful mocha
does not excite me anymore.......Wait how would Aran make a mocha(with soy)
what twist would she have for me? Until then I will watch my waste line
get smaller, the food in my fridge perish and mixer and spatula dust over!


Aran said...

Hahaha... Let me tell you, you don't need to gain weight by baking. People always ask me "you are a pastry chef, and how do you stay so thin?". I don't know. I think I taste and eat small amounts. It doesn't have to be about being a fat pig. Just taste the small pleasures in life.
Thanks for the lovely words. You are too kind. The admiration goes both ways. I want to move into your photographs.
I have some red shoes I totally adore but don't wear anymore because I live in flip flop land and it's hot and I have a 20 month old boy that wants to out-run me. But I still love my red shoes.
Thank you Nadia.

Chelsea said...

Beautiful photographs.

nadia said...

Photographs are Aran's and they are lovely!