Saturday, April 26

Cynthia Treen

Guess what I played dress up all afternoon.
Cynthia spent the afternoon on the porch and
in the garden. I got a sneak peek at her beautiful skirts.
I tried them and even twirled in them. Then she decorated
the apple blossom trees with her delicious skirts and I got to play
photographer! She is lovely see!....the best news is that she is having her sale;
so take a look, but don't tell her I told you.........okay!


Aran said...

These are her designs? Lovely! I want one!

Aran said...

I went to her website but there is no purchasing info. I love the acqua eyelet skirt... do you know if that's available for sale?

Aran said...

Ok, so I'm really obsessed with all your websites now... I just checked your store one and the photos are so darling... seriously nadia, I could move into your store. I love anything a little quirky, frenchy, raspberry red lipsticks... I have a question for you, I have been on the hunt for cool flatware, spoons, anything to style my food with. Do you happen to sell anything like that? I'd love to visit your store in person...

onesilentwinter said...

Hi Aran,

The eyelet skirt is my favorite. Her work is meticulous!
I believe the price is $110. they come in two lengths.
Aran, thank you for all the lovely comments, I love that the time difference has you writing early-since I love being up at dawn. Let me look into the flatware for you.....we will find something..I carry wooden flat ware...but would love to help you find something!

Aran said...

That would be fabulous! I would appreciate that. I want something with texture for photos. You have great eye so I trust your opinion. Also, do you know how I could purchase one of her skirts? Short sounds good for some reason!

Tartelette said...

The skirts are all gorgeous! Exactly my kind of feel.

cat said...

so beautiful!