Thursday, April 24


Spring is taking it's time to settle in, i am okay with that watching her ( spring) dance in slow motion
across the hill is beautiful.  I am taking a moment to sit at my desktop, it has been ages and little hands and feet hardly allow me the luxury but i needed to write this morning. Sitting up next to the window as the sun comes in on a cool spring morning.  The wind an overnight companion lingers on and i feel as if she is tapping on the window with two hands telling me something, but what?  I think if i was too be honest with myself she would  be saying, letting go now, right now.  i ignore the now part but slowly i can feel my hands go from a clenched fist to a more relaxed grip, small steps. I have always been a leaper, diving in blindly and full heartily but my heart now belongs to Poet and i must be careful more than care free.

I am in love with so much these days, music, words and beautiful written letters and emails from true friends, glimpses into their worlds and everyday. I am in love with what I see with my eyes, i can watch her my little being do most anything and it is poetry. I have stopped doing so many things i love, but slowly i begin to revisit  them.

I want to say, i love you dear reader,  one should hear those words more than once in a long while.


Anonymous said...

good morning....a good and beautiful spring morning. Feel free to let go and enjoy. Enjoy all of it.

I love everything you beautifully write so please don't let another long while go by....♥

Anonymous said...

everyday now I go faithfully to hopefully read your words, and there they were today, the voice I have been missing. Thank you for sharing your world with us, a gift beyond measure.

Sweet Life Farm said...

So beautiful, dear friend, I am moved to tears. Your words felt like a dance to me, barefooot, across warming springtime meadows. I love you.

KAM said...

such beautiful spring photos...she is still struggling to make her appearance here on the west slope of the Rockies. The lilac leaves are just beginning to uncurl on the branches...sweet woodruff is pushing hard to show her face, iris are getting taller leaves and buds are forming on cherry, apple and roses....soon she will smile here.
I feel the sweetness of Poet in your life with every word you write and be a part of her new learning as spring awakens the land around your home is that gift of have long awaited the freedom to fully embrace that journey...and one day all paperwork will be history and your will fly as a eagle with wide spread mother wings...your story bring delight to this grandmother...all the best every day....I cherish every time you write to us all. Kristin

elizabeyta said...

This post just makes me smile because I feel much the same way. I am ready to take the next steps in life but there is a need for letting go. I am slow at this because it would be a large change.

I do think of you and Poet often.



Noelle the dreamer said...

A pleasure to read a meaningful post!
Hugs to Tolstoy, to you and Poet!

deb said...

beautiful Spring images ♥

annton said...

one can never love enough, give enough, it multiplies our strength. never weakens it. therefor, a lot of love back from berlin. and a huge thank you, for letting my heart melt, everytime you share her preciousness. and yours.